Steph Curry Breaks 3-point Record in Style


Getty Images on the CBS Sports article written by Chris Bengel

Steph Curry blowing a kiss to the fans at Madison Square Garden in New York CIty after breaking the all-time 3-point record, with Draymond Green and Spike Lee celebrating with their hands in the air.

Marco Garibaldi, Reporter And Editor

On a cold Tuesday night in New York history was made. In Madison Square Garden Steph Curry, Warriors guard, passed Ray Allen for most career 3 pointers made in NBA history. On exactly December 14th, 2021, in his 789th career game, Steph Curry made his 2,974th career 3 pointer passing Ray Allen (2,973). 

 Hall of Fame shooter Reggie Miller said, “The way he changed the game, it’s almost like how Babe Ruth changed baseball with the longball, he has changed the game with the 3 point ball… how every team approaches the game is because of number 30.” 

On Wednesday, December 8th, the basketball world fully acknowledged that Steph Curry would soon break the record. Going into Wednesday’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, Steph had to make a ridiculous 16 3-pointers to beat the record. Although he didn’t end up breaking the record on Tuesday he made an impressive 6 3-pointers, finished the game with 22 points and went 6 for 17 from distance. 

This is when everything changed. The pressure started to set in and Steph didn’t handle it well. He had an off shooting night in a loss against the Philadelphia 76ers with 18 points and going 3 for 14 from distance. Later on Monday, December 13, Steph knew he had to only make 7 threes to beat the record and wanted to beat it as soon as possible. But even after a sloppy performance from the Warriors as a team, they still managed to beat the Pacers in a close game 102-100. Steph scored 26 points and shot 5 for 15 from distance. 

Although Steph didn’t play badly in these games, the team was in sort of a shooting slump as a whole. But then we close in on Tuesday night where Steph only needed to make two 3-pointers to beat the record. This was it, the moment had finally arrived. In attendance were both his mom (Sonia Curry) and dad (Dell Curry), as well as Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Pete Davidson, Spike Lee and his college basketball coach from Davidson, Bob Mckillop.

Going into the game, Steph wanted to finally beat the record in Madison Square Garden. MSG is known as a basketball city with great fans and a lot of basketball history around it, and it would be the cherry on top if Steph could capture the record here. 

At 4:30 pm (Eastern Time) the game started. One minute into the game, Steph comes off a screen from Draymond Green, takes one dribble around, and lets it fly from multiple feet behind the 3-point line and drills it. Just a few minutes later, Draymond takes the ball up the court, passes it to Andrew Wiggins at the block. Steph pops out to the right wing and catches the ball. He instantly shoots it with seemingly no pause in between. In the couple seconds that the ball was in the air the arena was waiting with anticipation. It felt like everybody in the arena was holding their breath waiting for it to happen. It almost felt like the arena was quiet. 

At that moment you didn’t have to be a Steph Curry fan to want to see him beat the record, you just wanted to be a basketball fan enjoying greatness. Announcer Mike Breen exclaimed, “Here’s Curry for the record…it’s good, there it is!” 

Steph Curry lets out a roar, pounding his chest, showing the world he’s the king. The game comes to a pause and the whole arena is on its feet cheering. Steph shares a moment with Draymond Green, dapping him up and congratulating him. Right after Steph Curry daps up all of his teammates and coaches. He then walks to the other sideline and hugs his dad. Finally, before resuming the game, he shows respect to Ray Allen, whose record he beat, and had a brief talk with him during the standing ovation. 

From a kid coming out of high school with no college offers, to now being known as the best 3-point shooter in NBA history is quite a story.