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The Pomegranate

The Pomegranates Picks For the 66th Grammys

The Pomegranate’s Picks For the 66th Grammys

Tyler Hayley, Reporter and Editor December 9, 2023

The nominations for the 2024 Grammys are out and they will celebrate an incredible year of music. Not only are some of the most popular artists nominated this year, but the biggest categories are dominated...

Christmas on main street

What’s In and What’s Out For Christmas

Eli Pangelinan and Sophia Han December 8, 2023

The holiday season arrives as December comes around; it is an annual tradition of festivities, Christmas being one of the most prominent. The holidays have been around for centuries and each year they...

Block versions of various social media logos

What Causes the Plagued Mindset of Many Young Men?

Jalyssa Barnard, Reporter November 17, 2023

As we live through the peak of social media, where everyone is on it and constantly consuming content, there are many repercussions on the undeveloped minds of the consumers; particularly young men. Many...

Opinion: Finals

Opinion: Finals

Megan Rivera November 14, 2023

With the most dreaded part of the year quickly approaching, many students start cramming and enter into “finals mode.” Granada’s finals schedule entails two-hour class periods for each final test...

Dominic Sessa stars as Angus Tully and Paul Giamatti as Paul Hunham in director Alexander Payne’s THE HOLDOVERS, a Focus Features release.
Credit: Courtesy of FOCUS FEATURES / © 2023 FOCUS FEATURES LLC

“The Holdovers” is a Darkly Funny 70s Throwback and One of the Year’s Best Films

Jacob Manning, Reporter November 14, 2023

After much anticipation, The Holdovers is finally in theaters. The film reunites actor-director pair Paul Giamatti and Alexander Payne for the first time since Sideways in 2004. The film also stars Da'Vine...

Christmas and Halloween

Halloween vs Christmas

Yoselin Delgado November 14, 2023

Each and every year, and without fail, Halloween fanatics put on their ghoulish makeup on, as well as their pointy hats and black attire, grabbing hold of all the maggot filled Reese’s candy they can...

Opinion: Thanksgiving Food Rankings

Opinion: Thanksgiving Food Rankings

Taiye Bumpus and Addison Nguyen November 14, 2023

Thanksgiving falls on the 23rd of November this year and is a loved holiday by many. Food is a big part of this celebration, and the people that celebrate it may have favorites of the food they eat on...

Can Gen Z Ever Own Homes?

Can Gen Z Ever Own Homes?

Eddy Martinez, Reporter November 14, 2023

The majority of minimum wage workers in 1968 could support a family of 3, above the poverty line, on their single income. Obviously, that is no longer even close to being true. The staggering rise in...

Decorated Christmas Tree

Opinion: Is It Too Soon For Christmas?

Naomi Penner, Reporter November 14, 2023

Every year, Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier. With stores filling their shelves with Christmas decorations and food in early October, Starbucks releasing their holiday drinks on November 2nd,...

Florida Bans Phones in Public Schools: “We See It, We Take It”

Florida Bans Phones in Public Schools: “We See It, We Take It”

Addison Giacomazzi and Johana Campero Reyes November 13, 2023

In May of 2023, the state of Florida passed a law requiring public school districts to impose rules barring students from having access to cell phones during class time. Governor Ron DeSantis was reportedly...

Tokyo Autumn

Opinion: Autumn is the Best Season

Yoselin Delgado, Reporter November 13, 2023

Leaves. Pie. And pumpkin spice. These are only a few of the many things that make autumn the great season that it is, as well as the undoubtedly best season among the four. With Winter comes...

The Killer. Dir. David Fincher. Michael Fassbender as an assassin in The Killer. Cr. Netflix ©2023

“The Killer” is a Mixed Bag from David Fincher

Jacob Manning, Reporter November 13, 2023

The Killer is the latest film from acclaimed director David Fincher, most known for his dark ​​psychological thrillers in the 90s, like Se7en and Fight Club. The film, which stars Michael Fassbender...

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