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Grabbing Life by the Horns

    Do People Actually do New Years Resolution


    The common trend for New Years is to have something you want to complete for the next year. As great an idea as it is, do people actually follow through on the promise and complete the task? Every year on December 31st people like to make a list or something specific to do before the year ends. It sets people up to achieve great things and feel better about themselves. Especially when the year is over and they have completed the list or task they wanted to do last year.

    Maybe you think it’s easy to do a simple task in a year. But researchers say that only 9% actually complete their resolution while the rest fail. Also a good chunk of people don’t really do new years resolutions either but dont think its entirely a bad idea.

    ¨I do not do New Year’s resolutions but I dont think it’s dumb. I think it’s good to have a goal for yourself,” said Calin Joyner (sophomore).

    Also Sophomore Jared Cortez says, ¨I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions but it’s definitely not dumb. The problem is that when people set their goals they don’t take it too seriously all that much.¨ 

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    Another thing is that it helps people focus on a specific thing and not procrastinate.

    Landon Bosques (sophomore) says, ¨I do new years, and I dont think it’s dumb. I also think the idea is quite nice if people just set up a goal and not try but see where they get with it.¨

    New Year’s Resolution is a great idea but not many people complete the tasks or dont take it seriously. From the gathered quotes some people don’t do New Years but think it’s not a dumb idea. Also some people just want to set a goal not to complete it but just see how it goes for next year. So overall New Years Resolution isn’t dumb but still not many people actually do the goal. But the people say it’s about the journey and the friends we made along the way.

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