Granada Wrestling Season Recap


Adam J Clark

The Granada High Wrestling team at the EBAL championship tournament.

Kate Wang, Reporter

As winter sports come to an end this month, the Granada High wrestling team closes out the season as No. 1 in the East Bay Athletic League (EBAL) and No. 3 in the North Coast Section (NCS). All around, the program has achieved much success both as a team and through individual placements. 

Wrestling requires both physical and mental toughness. Erik Anderson, a senior who past been on the team for the past four years, explained, “Wrestling is kind of like a fight. Who will last longer, who can take more, who can train harder, and who can deal with more stuff.”

Granada’s wrestling program has been around since 1965, only two years after the school first opened. Ever since, Granada has had a legacy of exceptional wrestlers and teams that have excelled at the local, section, and state levels. In the past few years, Granada has not slowed down, 2023 being the fourth year in a row they have taken home the crown as EBAL champions. 

California is one of the most competitive states for wrestlers, but Granada refused to back down from the challenge. Even with the obstacles in their way, they came into this season with a driven attitude and managed to pull off big wins. 

Junior Lauren Nguyen had one of the most impressive performances one could have this season. She took home first place at the Britney David, Goddess of the Vine, and Lady Royals tournaments. She also got second place at MidCals and at Rodeo Invitational. 

One of the toughest sports on campus, wrestling is known for its high drop-out rate. However, this year, the majority of the roster stuck it out to the very end. 

“It’s pretty stressful and it’s a lot of work, but the team handled it pretty well,” Anderson said. “Usually, there’s a good amount of people who quit, but this year no one has really quit so I’d say they handled it pretty well.” 

Their spirited attitudes and willingness to work hard were the backbone of the team’s success, playing an integral part in this outstanding program. Many of the newcomers on the team have made a big impact.

Tyson Tran added, “I think a lot of the wrestlers handled it well because they already knew how it was going to be. The freshmen have been much more spirited this year and I’m really proud of them for toughing it out.” 

The wrestlers were asked how they felt after their big victories. “I was really excited to win EBAL because this is our 4th year in a row winning EBAL so it was really good to not give that up,” said Nguyen. “Getting in third in NCS also made me really excited because we got to hang up a banner in the gym, which wasn’t something that we were able to do last year.”

With the post-season coming to a close this week, Anderson reflected on his last season on the team. “The team has improved a lot. Everyone’s kinda figured out their groove and how they like to wrestle,” he said. 

The Granada wrestling team continued to reach new heights throughout the 2022-23 season, we can’t wait to see their success. Overall, the wrestlers have worked hard and have been rewarded with their victories at EBAL and NCS. Be sure to come and support the team next season.