Who Will Take it All on Super Bowl Sunday?


Henrikch Aguisando, Reporter

This upcoming Sunday, both number one seeds the Philadelphia Eagles clash against the Kansas City Chiefs for the biggest national event every year, The Super Bowl. The Eagles are the favored team this time around and also my personal pick.

The Eagles beat the 49ers during the NFC championship game.  What makes them the favored team as opposed to the Chiefs is their defense.  As a whole their team is stacked on both ends, but their defensive line is what I believe will give them the upper hand to win the game. This season their defensive line has a total of 78 sacks with four players having 10-plus sacks each. They should be able to contain Kansas City’s offense and more specifically, Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs’ offensive line has a lot to fight against. Along with their defense, their offense is absolutely stacked. Their star quarterback Jalen Hurts is a big reason the team is where they are at today. He will be able to compete very well compared to Mahomes, with his leadership and skills. If the Eagles win he would probably win Super Bowl MVP.

The Chiefs beat the Bengals during the AFC championship game. Patrick Mahomes is said to appear in the game after having time to recover from his high ankle sprain two games ago. This will give back somewhat of an edge to the Kansas City offense. That being said, Mahomes is probably not going to be at 100 percent heading into the game. At this point the state of his injury is stated to be good enough for him to play, but we do not know how much it will affect him during the game. A lot of defensive pressure is going to be sent on him and the offensive line. As stated before, Philadelphia has a ruthless defensive line.

Since both teams have a really good offense, expect both teams to score quite a bit during the runtime. Overall this should be an exciting game for everyone watching but in my opinion, it ultimately ends with an Eagles victory.