The Pomegranate´s In and Out´s – Week 5


Sarah Araya, Moss Ballin, and Tyler Hayley

It’s time for another In and Out! This is a list of everything that is totally in and totally out.

  • IN: Chocolate Croissants 

Do you ever need a croissant, but also something sweet? Go for a chocolate croissant. It has flakey breading and it’s fluffy but also has melted chocolate that gives it a really yummy taste.  

  • Out: King Charles

King Charles is crusty and dusty. He also cheated on the one and only Princess Diana. Then he makes the horrible decision of marrying Camilla, who doesn’t deserve to be Queen Consort. Charles has only made poor decisions, shouldn’t be King, and is OUT.

  • IN: Best Friend Costumes

There is nothing that shows true, unbreakable friendship than dressing up together for Halloween. The amount of trust and shared effort that it takes just to plan the costumes not only takes a very strong bond but strengthens it. So if you really love your best friend, you’d dress up with them for Halloween.

  • OUT: Not dressing up for Halloween

Not wearing a costume for Halloween is literally so lame. It’s the one day a year when it is socially acceptable to look insane and have fun. So grow up and put on a costume, you are not cool.

  • IN: My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a hit children’s show that many of us know. It has awesome characters, plots, and an overall good message for kids, and is way better than most current shows. Friendship is magic and My Little Pony is totally in.

  • OUT: Going barefoot

About 50 percent or more of Granada students are athletes. Athletes spend a lot of time sweating in their socks, which makes them develop athlete’s feet. Who wants to see foot fungus like that? No one, put your shoes back on.

  • IN: Crocs

Everybody needs shoes, so why not crocs? They’re fashionable and comfortable, making them a great choice. You can accessorize them however you want and make them totally you! Crocs are in, and you should choose crocs

  • OUT: Drinking from the football faucet

When all the football players are thirsty and sweating from practice, they go over to a rack of open-ended hoses and drink. All of that water is hitting their mouths and then falling back onto the faucet. Then all that bacteria grows and they keep drinking. So that’s definitely out. 

  • IN: Drinking Warm Milk and Creamer

Do you ever not want coffee but also not water? Try milk but cold milk’s not doing it? Take a cup of milk with the amount of creamer to your liking and put it in the microwave too and heat to your liking, then mix. Now enjoy. Warm milk hits the spot on a cold day when you don’t want to drink coffee. So try before you deny. 

  • OUT: Jorts

What is more unflattering than jorts? They’re not good shorts, and they’re not good jeans. You can not make jorts look good and if you choose to wear them then you’re out too. We’re not talking about jean shorts, we’re talking about jorts, which will always be OUT.