The Pomegranate’s In and Out- Week 4


Sarah Araya, Moss Ballin, and Tyler Hayley

It’s that time of the week so let’s see what’s in and out! These items, trends, or activities are either totally in or totally out, and you know we’re right.

  • IN: Helmets

You use your head for almost everything since your brain is what sends signals to the rest of your body. It’s difficult to imagine what life would even be like without a head, but the best guess we can give is completely miserable. So, protect your head, and use a helmet.

  • OUT: Chocolate Ice Cream

You love ice cream but why chocolate? It’s just not good and combining completely different flavors and textures to make it good isn’t right. Also, some chocolate ice creams are too chocolatey. Yes, that’s right, too chocolatey. Chocolate ice cream is out. 

  • IN: Capri Suns

Capri Suns have always been a quick and convenient way to bring something light to drink anywhere. If it’s for lunch or a quick drink for class, Capri Suns are both discrete, and easy to take anywhere. Not to mention the wide variety of flavors, making it possible for everyone to find something they like.

  • OUT: Chobani Yogurt

Who wants chunky yogurt? Don’t you want a yogurt that’s smooth and creamy? Yes, but Chobani is chunky. Chunky yogurt is just not what you want to think about while eating yogurt. Chunky yogurt also reminds people of spoiled yogurt. They also have too many flavors, and there is always a bad aftertaste. 

  • IN: Tea

The best way to start the day is with the kick of a little caffeinated tea, and what’s better than ending your day with a little non-caffeinated tea to wind down? Either way, the good qualities of tea have been spoken about a million times, whether it be the insane benefits of green tea or the flavor of fruity teas, there is always something to gain from it.

  • OUT: AP Tests

AP tests nowadays are like $120 for one test. Multiply that by the number of tests you take, and it adds up quickly, draining your bank account. Who wants to pay $120 for one test that will take two hours? AP tests are out.

  • IN: Horror Movies

This Halloween season has so many scary movies to offer, and with so much variety, there has to be something worthwhile to watch. Instead of going out in the cold in an even colder costume, some people may opt for the more agoraphobic horror movie-watching approach instead, which, in most people’s opinion, is actually pretty fun.

  • OUT: Cinderella 

Yes, Cinderella, that’s right, Cinderella. They use this princess to show true love and hardship, which, don’t get me wrong, is a good and bad thing. The king is too into feet which makes this movie kinda weird. It also gives an unrealistic view of love and how to find true love. 

  • IN: Teaching Social Studies

Whatever grade you’re in, we can all agree we love history class. Most of the time it’s not even because of the learning material but the teacher of the class. Social Studies seems to attract the best people as all the cool teachers seem to teach social studies. Teaching Social Studies is totally in.

  • OUT: Dolphins

Dolphins, or the criminals of the sea, are known to be some of the smartest animals. However, do we really think that’s a good thing? Could dolphins one day surpass the human race and take control? They have also been known to be violent, so they wouldn’t even rule with peace.