Granada Football Rolls Over San Leandro on Homecoming Night


Bob Bronzan

Granada Matadors coming onto the field

Gabe Ruiz, Reporter

After having a crazy homecoming weekend, the only the thing needed to end the week was a Granada Matador win. This past Friday, September 23, that’s exactly what happened. Granada rolled over San Leandro with a score of 34-8. 

During the first quarter, Granada took the ball down the field but getting a touchdown was unsuccessful. They did score a field goal, putting them up 3-0 early. After that, it looked like San Leandro would control the game. They were running all over the field and the Mats’ defense looked very loose. It wasn’t until San Leandro came down to inside the five yard line that Granada’s defense showed some life. With San Leandro facing a fourth and goal, the Mats held them from scoring. The Mats were unsuccessful in getting out of their own endzone, and were forced to punt. At the end of the first, the score was 3-0 Granada

At the beginning of the second quarter, Granada held San Leandro to a punt. Granada received the punt close to their endzone. And after a couple of plays, Coach Moses called Koa Barcines’s number. Quinn Boyd took the snap and rolled left, and let the pass go. Koa jumped up and caught the ball over the cornerback’s head. Koa ran it for about 60 yards after to the endzone. The score was 10-0 Granada early second quarter.  That electric play shifted how the whole game went going forward.

Nothing in response from San Leandro to Koa’s touchdown. The Mats held them to a punt. During Granada’s drive, they were also held to a punt. With a terrible snap from San Leandro, it led to a fumble. Granada’s defense had all eyes on the ball, ran and recovered it. The following play, Boyd found Barcines again. They scored on a 35 yard pass. Making the score 17-0 Granada. 

Again, Granada’s defense held, as they punted the ball again. After receiving the ball, the Mats were passing the ball. Quinn Boyd found Brayden Vash wide open for a 22 yard pass, but there was a flag on the play and it came back. Boyd then found a wide open Cristian Clouser for a 40 yard pass and Clouser took it for another 35 yards. Granada was unsuccessful on getting into the endzone after that. They kicked a field goal. The score 20-0 Granada, with 30 seconds before halftime. Granada’s defense recorded a sack, securing the lead 20-0 going into halftime. 

Coming out of the half, the Mats kicked off to San Leandro. San Leandro had a good look at a pass, but the pass was dropped. Nothing from them at all, they were forced to punt. Granada had the ball and they went for it on fourth down. A risky call, but Boyd and Clouser made it happen. A 20 yard pass and Clouser made the defenders look out of place. Another touchdown for the Matadors. The score was 27-0 early in the third quarter.

San Leandro looked like they were getting some momentum in the game in the third quarter, but Kalique Cheeves intercepted the ball and killed the drive. The score stayed at 27-0 Granada.

Boyd and Barcines connected on a big play again. They connected on a beautiful pass getting the first down and more. Coach Moses called AJ Martin’s number. Martin scored on a 20 yard rushing touchdown, making the score 34-0 Granada. When there was no hope for San Leandro winning, they picked up their pace. It only took them three big running plays to finally score in the game. They went for a two point conversion and they were successful. The ending score of this game would be 34-8 Granada easily taking the win.

Cristian Clouser and Koa Barcines were interviewed after the game. Clouser was asked to talk about what went well during practice last week. “We really focused on stopping San Leandro’s running game. They had a good running back and just running game overall.” He was also asked about the team’s mindset coming into the game. “Our mindset was doing all the little things right. All season we have been clean as we should, so just making sure we all knew our assignments and executing them.”

Barcines went on to say that, “This win was a team effort of course. We just put trust in each other and stayed humble during the game.”

With Granada’s passing game on point, he was asked how it all went. Barcines said that the line just played amazing and gave Quinn his time.

Clouser said, “We just did what we should have been doing all this season. The O-line did a great job in blocking and giving Quinn enough time to scan the field and throw the perfect passes.” He also described what contributed to the win. “This game was definitely a team effort win. We needed everyone giving their all and that’s what we got. We needed everyone to block and contribute into the play to be successful.”

Granada is playing against Cal high school in their next home game. It will take place on Friday, September 30, at 7pm after the JV game. Cal is coming off a close win against Antioch, they beat them 36-35.