Preview of Granada Football Versus Amador Dons


Bob Bronzan

Granada defense ready for the play

Gabe Ruiz, Reporter

With Granada taking the win in their previous game, they are hoping to continue that trend. Their opponent for this game is going to the Amador Dons. This game will take place on September 16, this Friday. The Mat’s game will be away at Amador. 

The Dons are being ranked at 297 via Maxpreps. Amador is also coming off a win from their game against Bear Creek. Amador won in a 28-6 score. They are in a league with De la salle, who is one of the top teams. 

Last years Matadors had lost to Amador with a score 13-0. Granada is hoping with their addition of the 10-0 team, that they can have a different outcome. 

I had the opportunity to interview Granada’s defensive coach, Coach Franco. He was asked to describe how they prepare for their upcoming games. Franco said, “We will come into the week by watching the film against Amador. We will practice all of our team, offense, defense, and special teams. During this time we will go over our game plan for them.”

He went on to say, “We install the plans for defense. We are going to contain their run. They are a very run heavy team and they hit it hard. We also have Brady Nassar to contain. And if we see anything wrong with the plan then we change them during the week.”

Franco described the Amador team as, “They are very well coached over there. The team is a very hard and tough team, and they rally to the football. It will be a good game.”

Two of Granada’s players were talked to and asked about their upcoming game. Jake Blake, linebacker,(#33) and Peyton Richards, running back, (#10). Blake said, “Amador is a super run heavy team.” He continued to say, “They are going to hit hard and run through the holes hard.”

Richards was asked about any offensive things that are to be looked out for. “They have a sophomore quarterback who comes out to throw.” He went on to say, “Their starting quarterback is a play action and short pass type.”

Blake went to describe how Amador passes. “They will do a role out with their quarterback and send a receiver back on a short route the other way.” 

They were asked about any outstanding players to be looked at on Amador, and they both said Brady Nassar. Nassar is a 3 star fullback and defensive line who is committed to Colorado State. Richards went to say, “We have been looking to contain him and really their whole defensive line. We have Logan Tucker who we’re going to let him take care of Nassar.” 

Blake was asked to describe how the Mats have been at practice for the upcoming game. He said, “We are definitely excited to face Amador. We’re ready to play.” He was then asked what their offense has been looking to do this game. “We’re looking to really run the ball this game, and really just focus on what we can do best.” Richards went to say that their running game wasn’t the best the past 2 games, but during castro valley is where they really picked it up. 

They were asked to describe their defense. Richards said, “We are going to try and contain their defensive line.” Blake’s response was also the same thing. Blake, “Our practice has been focused on the line.” He also said, “They play fast, and their tackling is all of them at once.” 

Richards was asked about anyone on our team to be looked at, “The whole team really. We’re going to try and get that Quinn to Koa connection. Or the Quinn to Cristian passes.” To be on the lookout for the Mats, Logan Tucker, Quinn Boyd, Koa Barcines, Cristian Clouser.

Blake and Richards both said that they are excited to play against Amador. Blake, very enthusiastic, “It’s going to be a good game and we’re all excited and ready.” Blake said that he feels like they have a good chance at coming on top at the end of the game.