Varsity Girls Volleyball Recognition Game


Girls Volleyball Team in a Huddle, Photo taken by the Livermore-Granada Boosters

Kate Wang and Taelyr Chamberlain

Last Tuesday’s varsity girls volleyball game was a recognition game from leadership to shed light on the hard work of our volleyball team. Leadership was giving out free Jamba Juice to spectators in order to encourage more people to watch the game. Granada faced Monte Vista, one of the strongest volleyball teams in the league. And, despite losing the game, it was amazing to see the players perform to their fullest potential with the crowd galvanizing them. 

There has always been a huge disparity between the audience for different sports teams. Varsity football and basketball always attract huge crowds, while other sports like tennis and volleyball are left in the dust; that is exactly why it is extremely important to have recognition games, such as the game on Tuesday evening. High school athletes who contribute hours each day to their sport deserve heaps of support and recognition for their hard work and commitment.  

Karly Bonaventure, recent athlete of the week, said that, “It was really nice to have more people because not a lot of people usually come to volleyball games.” Many players agreed that the extra encouragement and support really bolstered them on. 

After a good block or hit, the stands would erupt into cheers. The energy in the room was palpable. An adrenaline rush from the excitement of the crowd makes a big deal in a sport where fast reaction times are so important. The energized crowds create a bubble of focus that allows the athletes to get into the correct mentality and stay motivated throughout the game. 

Playing against such a good team, Karly was asked if she was intimidated or nervous before, but she responded confidently, “I’m excited to play against them because they are such a good team. A little nervous, but mostly excited.” 

The game ended in a defeat, three sets to none. Despite losing the game, it didn’t dishearten the players at all. After all, just keeping up with one of the best teams in the league is a major accomplishment.

Sophia Dall’Oglio, an opposite hitter on the varsity team, said she felt that, “we put up a good challenge and did a pretty good job keeping up with Monte Vista.” 

The first set started out evenly matched, with Monte Vista taking the set at the last moment. After that, with the athletes getting tired, Monte Vista started to pull ahead and stayed that way for the rest of the game. 

Karly added, “I knew the other team was really good, but I knew that we would be able to compete well with them, especially with the support of the crowd.” 

It was amazing to watch the volleyball players get excited and have their morale boosted by the crowd cheering on their every victory. Granada’s next game is Tuesday, September 20th, at 7 o’clock, so be sure to check it out!