Granada Boys Water Polo Team Destroys Benicia 14-7


Luther Hart

The boys team warming up before the game

Luther Hart, Reporter

This past Tuesday, September thirteenth, Granada’s boys water polo team faced off against Benicia High, and achieved their first win of the season. Granada started the game off fast, scoring a goal in the first 30 seconds of the game, and ended up keeping that lead for almost the entire rest of the game. In the third quarter, Benicia was actually able to tie the game up to six to six, and for some time it looked as though they might have actually had a chance at winning, but Granada was able to step up and keep their lead. In the fourth quarter Granada ended up taking the lead and then some, with the final score being fourteen to seven, double the points of the other team.

In a post game interview, the team seemed to be high in spirits, with senior Derek Wickander stating “Today we played phenomenally… we came in with fourth-quarter energy the whole game”.

Granada’s #14 about to score on Benicia (Luther Hart)

The team seemed to really work together the whole game, scoring by putting players right next to the net who would wait until the perfect time to slam it in, scoring a goal. Many goals during the game were also scored during breakaways, where Granada would get hold of the ball with no defenders around, allowing for easy goals. On the Defensive Granada also played well, leaving little space for easy goals for Benicia.

When asked about strategies that the team used to win, team captain Jack Davis said, “Countering is a big thing, and just getting in open water and shooting the ball when you can”.

When interviewing the team, the biggest competition this season seems to be Foothill, which Granada will be facing near the end of September here at Granada. When doing interviews the team seemed to have much more hope of a good season after the win, with many of the players prepared to win many more games as the season goes on. It is also worth noting that freshman Mason Woodward played varsity, scoring 3 times during the game.