Granada Family Opens Ice Cream Shop


Moss Ballin, Reporter

On September 3, a Granada family opened an ice cream shop in the shopping center by Target, and has amassed a decent customer base already. Paleteria y Neveria Mi Lindo Michoacán is an authentic, Mexican ice cream shop located at 4424 Las Positas Road, and despite having just opened, the family owned business is already experiencing overwhelming success.

When asked about the success of her family’s ice cream shop, Granada student Giselle Fernandez had this to say: “It’s the only one in Livermore, and we get people from all over,” said Fernandez.

Being the only ice cream shop of its kind in the area, Paleteria y Neveria Mi Lindo Michoacán is already frequented by customers from Tracy, Dublin, and Pleasanton. 

“It’s very overwhelming because we barely get any sleep, it’s very busy all the time,” said Fernandez.

If you visit Paleteria y Neveria Mi Lindo Michoacán, you certainly won’t be the only one. The popularity of the ice cream shop has exceeded any and all expectations since its recent opening, with customers at all hours of the day. It is rare to see a small, family owned business doing so well in such a competitive market, but they have definitely earned it with their expansive menu.

Paleteria y Neveria Mi Lindo Michoacán has a wide range of authentic ice cream and snacks for customers to enjoy.

“We sell authentic, Mexican flavored ice cream, popsicles, and some food,” says Fernandez, “including flavored waters, or agua frescas.”

One of the more popular snacks there is Tostilocos. Tostilocos are tortilla chips covered in Japanese peanuts, cucumbers, chamoy, and onions. Being a popular Mexican street food, tostilocos originated from Tijuana, Mexico, and are usually made from tostito chips. 

All of the ice cream and snacks at Paleteria y Neveria Mi Lindo Michoacán have a certain quality that is hard to find anywhere else. This standard has easily, and quickly, cemented its place in the community. So the next time that you’re going to Target on a hot afternoon, consider stopping by Paleteria y Neveria Mi Lindo Michoacán for some ice cream.