Livermore Electing a New Mayor in November


Nuha Maflahi, Reporter

It’s an election year for Livermore, so it’s time for Livermore residents to pick a new mayor to run the city. The election started around this summer, with candidates launching their campaigns to become mayor of Livermore. In Livermore, mayors serve two-term years but can be reelected until they reach the term limit of 8 years. Mayors are extremely important to keep a city running. A mayor’s responsibilities include overseeing law enforcement, fire departments, housing, and transportation in the city. Mayors also have to appoint city officials, keep the local government running, and debate or propose initiatives to improve quality of life. Bob Woerner was elected in 2020 and has announced he won’t be running for reelection so the position is up for grabs. Currently two major candidates are running who have a chance at getting elected, John Marchand and Mony Nop.

John Marchand is a former mayor of Livermore who is running to become Livermore mayor for a second time. Marchand has said he’s, “humbled, honoured, and grateful for the many requests from residents to step up and lead Livermore again.”

John Marchand became a city council member in 2005, then became mayor in 2011, serving until 2020, when Bob Woerner got elected. After Bob Woerner announced that he wouldn’t be running for reelection, Marchand decided to run for reelection, with Woerner’s endorsement. Marchand is also endorsed by the whole city council and the police and fire chiefs. Marchand’s plans to improve quality of life include building more parks, growing local job opportunities, and improving and adding extra-curricular programs. Marchand plans to keep the public safe by continuing the “Drug-House Nuisance Abatement” Ordinance to get drug houses out of neighbourhoods, plus the “Crime-Free Multi-Unit Housing” Ordinance to keep repeat offenders out of the community. To solve the homelessness issue, Marchand wants programs to help people out of homelessness, and more affordable housing which includes affordable housing downtown.

Mony Nop is a realtor and a former cop who is running to be mayor for the first time. When he was asked in an interview why he was running for mayor, he said “I am running for Mayor of Livermore to give back to the community that gave me so much.”

Nop also promised that, “When elected, I will be donating my entire salary to four nonprofit organizations for the next two years.” 

Nop is endorsed by state and local officials such as Cathie Brown, a former Livermore mayor, the California State Treasurer, and the Alameda County Assessor. Nop wants to build more affordable housing, specifically so police officers, firefighters, nurses, teachers, and local workers can live somewhere affordable, near their workplace. Nop also advocates for police officers and community oriented policing programs that would ensure respect between police officers and the community. To address homelessness, Nop plans to build “tiny homes” with a community center, such as the Community First Village in Austin, Texas. He wants to build the Eden Housing development, but in a different area, not downtown. In addition, he will educate the public about homelessness. Nop also wants to bring high-paying jobs to Livermore in industries such as the r&d, bio-tech, high-tech, and wine industries.

Both candidates have been campaigning heavily, participating in debates, and forums, and reaching out to the people of Livermore. It isn’t clear yet who seems to be winning so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out when it’s time for the election. The mayoral election starts on November 8, 2022. Elections are one of the biggest ways that citizens can voice their opinion and make decisions in their government. If you can vote, register, remember to be informed about each candidate, and make your voice heard in November!