Jackson Water Crisis

Ella Philippe, Reporter

In the past couple weeks a crisis has struck the city of Jackson Mississippi, residents water has shut off completely. Around 150,000 people left without usable clean water. A full solution to this problem hasn’t been sorted but people have turned to using bottled water. Volunteers are having to set up portable toilets and sinks, and have places where people can pick up these bottled waters.

According to CNN news this has affected a lot of people especially the ones who attend Jackson University. The college has had to switch to online schooling because of no water. This has a big impact and some students have decided to go to their hometowns to avoid the water problem. Some of the students have strong opinions on the water problem, “It’s like we’re living in a nightmare right now,” said Erin Washington a sophomore at Jackson University. “We can’t use the showers, the toilets don’t flush,” she said.

This problem isn’t new to the residents of Jackson, in 2021 a winter storm knocked out the water system for a month. Now due to recent flooding in the area the water system once again failed. This frustrates a lot of residents as they still have to pay expensive bills for water that is not even drinkable. Governor Tate Reeves declared the water crisis and ¬®Immediate health threat¬®. On Thursday state announced tractors full of water were going to be sent out to Jackson for the Residents and are still unsure when the water pipes will be restored or when they can fix all the damage. Residents are adjusting to having no water but some say this has been a problem for years.

Just like in 2020 students are having to go back to online learning until the water gets fixed. This has proven hard for many parents since they still have jobs to attend and are not able to watch their children and having to go to work. The Washington Post says some residents even dream of leaving Jackson because of how bad this problem has become some saying the untreated water has been giving them allergic reactions. More houses are being abandoned more people leaving the capital because the living conditions are unbearable. This water crisis is one of the many things affecting Jackson. Hopefully they can get past this extremely terrible situation and have good drinking water and be able to go back to normal.