Club Spotlight: Me to We


Juan Sanzonetti, Reporter And Editor

There are many groups and clubs here at Granada that are helping students to understand the importance of taking care of the environment and people around the world. One of these clubs is Me To We, a club dedicated to the community that not only tackles local issues but also global ones.

The club’s president, Madeline Wong, said the purpose of this club is, “a community service club that is focused on helping in our local community, so we help some families getting food. We do food drives and donation drives for holiday gifts.” She also said that the club is raising money for the 24 hour race.

Wong said that Me To We is different from other clubs because, “We’re really focused on having a global impact and trying to help people all over the world.” The club right now is focused on the major problem of the tsunami and the volcano eruption that happened in Tonga and how they can help people in that situation.

On the future of the club, Wong said, “I am really hoping that we keep doing things to help more locally. Because of the pandemic there are a lot of people in our community that are struggling, and we trying to do the most that we can to help. Hopefully in the next couple of years we will be able to have a better scenario for our local community.” 

Mrs Newkirk, the club advisor, explained more about the beginning of the club and the intention to help people in our community. “We started off as a project club to help the issue in Kenya. Now we do ‘Adopt a Family’ which is a holiday program. We also do food drives. We meet on Wednesday because Wednesday is “We” day where you focus less on yourself and focus on other people,” said Newkirk.

Me to We’s upcoming fundraising event is the 24 hour race happening in March.  Get in touch with the club if you would like to be involved in that event.