Livermore Reviews: Fat Straw Cafe


Tyler Hayley, Reporter And Editor

There are many popular after-school spots for Granada students, but one that stands out is Fat Straw Cafe. Located at 980 Murrieta Boulevard in the Nob Hill shopping center, it’s in the perfect location for many students. With a wide variety of foods and drinks, Fat Straw Cafe is one of the best for teenagers and adults alike.

I visited Fat Straw on January 20th along with fellow students Erin Yuncuoglu and Shay Buller. Erin ordered a lychee green tea with tri-color jelly and garlic fries, Shay ordered a strawberry kiwi green tea with passion fruit popping boba and tri-color jelly and egg rolls, and I ordered the coffee milk tea. Gathering at one of the comfortable booths within Fat Straw Cafe, we all enjoyed the many items we had ordered. The coffee milk tea, without any added ingredients, was a fine drink that wasn’t weak but also didn’t pack in too much flavor as one might expect.

Erin, a freshman at Granada, is a big fan of many Fat Straw’s drinks and felt the lychee green tea has just the right level of sweetness without being too much. “[It’s] a very refreshing drink,” Erin remarked when asked about the drink, adding that “size portions for these drinks are just perfect.” The garlic fries were not to disappoint as they were cooked to perfection with an excellent amount of seasoning, which made the fries a great snack to accompany any drink.

Another freshman at Granada, Shay, very much enjoyed the strawberry kiwi green tea and felt it had many fruity flavors without being overpowering. One of her go-to orders when eating at Fat Straw, the drink had a nice texture with the added boba and jelly. Having also ordered the egg rolls, Shay commented that, “…they’re really good, I like them a lot… [a] high quality eggroll.” Later on, Erin, Shay, and I ordered the nutella bubble waffle, one item that they serve among a wide variety of others. There’s no doubt why the bubble waffle is Fat Straw’s most popular item; the waffle bites with powdered sugar and warm nutella drizzled on top are delicious and just the right amount to be able to share amongst your friends.

Having not visited Fat Straw Cafe a lot in the past, I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of drinks and foods they had to offer. While being high quality it’s also amazing they can offer such low prices; you’re guaranteed to never pay more than seven dollars for an item. With a great menu and so close to Granada, it’s the place to be after school. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to stop by and explore one of the many wonderful restaurants Livermore has to offer.