Club Spotlight: True Crime

Sophia Bertolo, Reporter And Editor

Granada high school has a wide variety of clubs across campus, one of which being the True Crime club. Founded by Gia Oschwerwitz, the club aims to “explore judicial, journalistic, psychological, and societal aspects of true crimes.” 

Gia founded the club during the 2020-2021 school year, while everything was completely remote. Having gone back in person, the True Crime club now holds meetings at lunch every Thursday in room 308. The club hosts over a dozen regular attendees and is beyond ready to welcome new members. 

Prior to the club’s creation, Gia had expressed explicit interest in psychology, judicial cases, and court cases. Learning the ways that the law enforcement system affected judicial system procedures was something that Gia found deep enjoyment in. As Granada had nothing like True Crime already established on campus, Gia was quick to create a club in which she can share her interest with other students. Gia states that “one of the most important things, in [her] opinion, is helping other students understand why certain proceedings are carried out [certain ways] and to remove the misunderstanding as to why certain cases are more drawn out.” She also expresses the importance of society understanding the reasoning behind the stigma surrounding mental health and criminals. 

The True Crime club is a great club to join if you’re looking to get involved in the Granada community. The welcoming atmosphere and positive members will make your club experience a memorable one.