Opinion: Top Five Shows Streaming on Netflix


Tyler Hayley, Reporter And Editor

There are so many new and old shows to stream that sometimes it’s hard to choose one to watch. Netflix is no different as every month an array of shows and movies are added to the streaming platform. Among this mess of filler shows and sub-par movies, here are the top five TV shows currently on Netflix.

First on my list is a show that truly gained popularity during the pandemic, “Schitt’s Creek.” Although a slow start during season one, “Schitt’s Creek” came to be a lovable show about a family that has to struggle with going from riches to rags. With phenomenal writing and stellar performances from the main cast, this comedy keeps you laughing with funny episodes and a wide range of characters. All six seasons of “Schitt’s Creek” are currently streaming on Netflix.

Next on my list is a gritty drama that is still airing, “The Crown.” With season one starting in the 1940s and now the latest in 1990, “The Crown” covers an immense amount of time and all the interesting royal events that went down. With many great actors playing very notable people, such as Prince Charles or the Queen herself, the show is filled with great, climatic moments that will keep you engaged in all the characters’ stories. Seasons 1-4 are currently on Netflix and season 5 is coming soon.

Following up this current drama, is a more light-hearted show, “We Bare Bears.” Its five-year run has gained popularity. With a great cast of voice actors, including Bobby Moynihan, Eric Edelstein, and Jason Lee, “We Bare Bears” comes together to create a fun show with the same attractions as other classic animated shows. Seasons 3 and 4 are currently streaming on Netflix.

Another great show that among other things ended in 2020 was “The Good Place.” A great show that could have you laughing or in tears, “The Good Place” had all the right elements to become a hit. Set in a world where there is an afterlife, our main characters all re-examine their lives and how they can still change for the better. With an amazing cast of actors, including Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and William Jackson Harper, they couldn’t have found anyone better to fill the roles of the main cast. All four seasons are streaming on Netflix.

Last but not least on my list is a long-running true crime drama, “Criminal Minds.” Over the course of 15 years, this show gathered a great cast of characters and partnered with good plots and twists made it an outstanding series. Focusing on the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI, we follow the agents along as they solve crimes while also dealing with personal problems, sometimes stemming from their dangerous jobs. While being on the air for so long, it was able to turn into a great television series that’s perfect for binge watchers. Seasons 1-12 are currently streaming on Netflix.

Although there are many good shows on Netflix, these five represent the best from a wide range of different genres. Whether you enjoy watching a lighthearted comedy or a tough drama, any show from this list would be good to watch. With Netflix being such a big platform, it was hard to narrow down a few shows but these stood out among the rest. So, if you’re looking for something new to watch or just are casually browsing Netflix, go ahead and try one of these shows.