The Spirit Games Are Coming Back, Bigger and Better Than Ever


Wyatt Krauss

Granada’s seniors showcase their spirit in unity during the 2021 Homecoming week.

Sophia Bertolo, Reporter And Editor

It’s time to bring out the face paint and glitter Matadors… the spirit games are right around the corner. Gather with a team of your friends and take on fellow Granada students in a competition of creativity and school spirit. 

Here is how the spirit games will work this year. Students will be asked to form teams of 10-15 people. During the competition, each team will post a picture on a team instagram account, showcasing their spirit. The judging committee will then review each team’s post, and award points based on creativity and participation. At the end of the competition, the team that has collected the most points will win. 

Each team will be responsible for keeping their team’s instagram account clean and positive. Bullying or bringing down another team is not allowed. All instagram accounts should be good representations of Granada. 

This year the spirit games will run from January 18th to January 28th. Teams must be finalized with an official form submitted by January 14th to qualify. The team form can be found here

While the spirit games are brand new to most Matadors, some may have a vague recollection of 2019’s games. Rachel Guerra, a senior at Granada high school, states that the spirit games were slightly different in the past, but the leadership team is “trying to get a revamp to how people would do it now.” With Granada’s leadership team leading and organizing the competition, there is no doubt that the spirit games will be bigger and better than ever. 

The leadership team will be sending out an explanation video with rules and guidelines soon. For those interested in participating, be sure to watch it. An instagram post will also be sent out, so keep your eyes peeled. Let the games begin. Good luck Matadors!