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Opinion: Thanksgiving Food Rankings

Opinion: Thanksgiving Food Rankings

Thanksgiving falls on the 23rd of November this year and is a loved holiday by many. Food is a big part of this celebration, and the people that celebrate it may have favorites of the food they eat on this day. Many people make the same foods every year and enjoy them, while others might switch them up occasionally. This article will detail our top Thanksgiving foods 1-15.

1.) Ham

Salty, smoky, and full of flavor, Ham is the top pick when it comes to Thanksgiving foods. Depending on the size ham, thanksgiving leftovers can feed a five-person family up to three days after Thanksgiving. This meal is always a staple on the Thanksgiving table and is the perfect number-one pick.

2.) Dinner Rolls

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Dinner rolls are such an easy Thanksgiving necessity that require little to no preparation. There are also many things you could do with dinner rolls like make a sandwich with other foods on your plate or even dip them in a delicious gravy sauce. Overall, dinner rolls are one of the easiest but most delicious foods on our Thanksgiving plates.

3.) Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese can not be messed up. A variety of cheeses such as cottage, cheddar, and ricotta combined can create an exquisite flavor. If you are not a fan of Mac and cheese you are most likely lactose intolerant.

4.) Mashed Potatoes

You can never go wrong with homemade mashed potatoes. This simple everyday dish is a recurring food on practically everyone’s Thanksgiving table. The many spices and herbs you can put into mashed potatoes allow you to make them taste more personal to your liking. Ava Chaves (9) loves mashed potatoes, saying, “They are really good but only when homemade and not out of a package otherwise they taste fake.”

5.) Turkey

Turkey is a traditional food that a majority of people eat on Thanksgiving; it is big enough to serve a lot of people and in some people’s opinions if cooked carefully it is the best food to eat on Thanksgiving. It is very good and the first food you think of when you hear Thanksgiving but some parts get extremely dry which is why it is ranked lower.

6.) Roasted Green Beans

One of the few healthy things eaten on Thanksgiving is roasted green beans. You can put these in a casserole or eat them alone and you will be pleased either way.

7.) Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce can be eaten alone or drizzled on your whole plate. The sauce by itself is surprisingly delicious and it is able to easily blend with all of the other flavors on your plate.

8.) Corn on the cob

You either love it or you don’t. Corn is delicious especially when roasted with salt, pepper, and butter. Rhianna Devera (11) likes how corn tastes good with everything and says, “Corn on the cob is a Thanksgiving food. I eat it with turkey, eating corn on the cob with turkey is the bomb, personally, I love it.”

9.) Garden Salad

After consuming loads of salt and sugar, a refreshing garden salad is all you need. Salad is really good and you can add a bunch of things to it to enhance the flavor. Croutons, bacon, dressing, etc can spruce up the plain lettuce. Bethany Lai also loves to eat salad, saying, “I think salad is good to eat during Thanksgiving especially as a side dish and with the right dressing because of how refreshing and colorful it is. It offers variety in your meal with the different flavors of each component/vegetable.”

10.) Collard Greens

Apparently, Collard greens are not served in every household. After asking 10 people if they like to eat collard greens on Thanksgiving, all of them said “What is that?”. Collard greens are leafy greens slowly cooked in vinegar and a lot of salt. These delicious greens usually contain bacon bits and their tangy taste will excite your tastebuds.

11.) Candied yams

Candied yams have an acquired taste. If you like potato textured food that’s extremely sweet and caramelly you will definitely like candied yams.

12.) Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is the most likable pie in our opinion. The creamy pumpkin texture is way more appealing compared to apple or peach pie. Olivia Shaffer (9) likes her pumpkin pie, saying, “It’s the best because it tastes really good and it goes with everything like vanilla ice cream and Cool Whip.” With some sort of topping pumpkin pie definitely has the potential to move up high on the ranking list in the future.

13.) Apple Pie

Honestly, Apple pie is absolutely disgusting. A combination of hot apples and an odd sort of sticky syrup. This is just one of those desserts you can’t save. Luke Remley (9) agrees and says “I don’t like apple pie, it’s just I don’t like pie.”

14.) Cornbread

Cornbread has a mediocre taste. Sometimes it can be pretty ok but most of the time it is disgusting. Although this opinion may be uncommon the sensation of crumbling corn-flavoured bread in your mouth is not appealing.

15.) Stuffing

At the very bottom of the ranking, we have stuffing. Stuffing is made out of some sort of bread and includes a variety of vegetables or even seafood. But freshman Amaya Elong (9)  thinks the opposite, saying that it is, “So good, oh my gosh every time I eat it, it’s just like my favorite thing ever.”


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