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The Growth of Overconsumption

Online shopping by Robbert Noordzij
“Online shopping” by Robbert Noordzij

Overconsumption is something that has existed for a very long time; with the rise of the beauty industry, and just the rise of materialism in general, there has always been a need to have the newest, best product/clothing. However, as the world grows more and more addicted to technology and social media, suddenly, buying hundreds of dollars worth of anything you can imagine is as easy as a click of a button. 

Not only is shopping even easier now with companies like Amazon, Shein, AliExpress, etc., but influencer culture also plays a huge part in overconsuming. Influencers are constantly promoting new products, convincing viewers they need every new thing that starts going around. 

Fast fashion is a major component in overconsumption as well, and it’s something that is also constantly promoted by influencers. Time and time again, we see these wealthy people filming hundreds of dollar hauls on apps like the aforementioned Shein, where the clothes are low quality with the prices to match. The designs are often stolen and the company has been associated with child labor, as well as being not at all environmentally friendly. Then when the next trend starts, there is a new haul, and the clothes often are discarded or donated to places like Goodwill, where many lower-class people rely on to shop; it now becomes a problem when people who can’t afford anything else are now stuck with low-quality clothes.

Of course, some things we see on social media apps like TikTok come from a good place, as many small businesses have the opportunity to go viral. Anyone promoting their product could go viral overnight and suddenly be extremely successful; this can be great, even life-changing for many individuals, but it also means giving a platform to someone who may not be what they say they are.

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Especially now with TikTok shop, there has been a rise of dropshippers on the app. Dropshippers are basically people who buy products in bulk on different websites for cheap, and then upcharge for it on platforms like TikTok shop while passing it off as their own invention and/or design. This not only takes away from genuine small businesses trying to get their products out there but also takes advantage of the consumers on the platform. 

Overconsumption also has everything to do with Gen Z’s low attention span. Growing up in the age of technology, where everything is constantly advancing to be better and more exciting, we view life with the expectation and desire to constantly be upgrading. Whether it’s the brand new iPhone, more followers, or social class, we always want to be moving up. This often means missing out on life, as it’s difficult to get out of this mindset and appreciate what we have in the moment, rather than fiending for what we can get next. 

As well as having a low attention span, there is also just an influx of options. There are so many different kinds of the same products, clothes, and even food; we as a society are constantly presented and advertised so many options that it’s no wonder we have/desire so much stuff.

All in all, it is very important to try your best to be environmentally and financially conscious. If you can afford to spend sustainably, do it. You will have things that last, and you’ll avoid contributing to the very toxic and harmful cycle that is fast fashion, and overconsumption in general. When you see a product on TikTok that you think you need, do your research and really think about if you really need it or not.

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Jalyssa Barnard is a student in the class of 2026, and has been writing for the Pomegranate since 2023. In her free time, she works, reads, and watches cheesy rom coms.

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