Måneskin’s “RUSH!” Is Everything I Want In A Rock Album

Måneskins RUSH! Is Everything I Want In A Rock Album

Tyler Hayley, Reporter and Editor

Pomegranate Seeds: 10/10

The Italian rock band Måneskin just dropped their third studio album RUSH!. With the spotlight currently on the Eurovision-winning band, it was exciting to see what they would do on their latest album. Here are my thoughts on RUSH!

The album started off strong with track one, “OWN MY MIND.” The song had a lot of energy that was continued throughout the entire track, as the beat, instruments, and singing all made “OWN MY MIND” very good and very intense. The song also had a lot of elements reminiscent of punk rock, especially in the instruments and lyrics. The second track, “GOSSIP” featuring Tom Morello, was one of the best songs on the album. The opening was fun and caught my attention. The chorus was great with awesome instrumentation as well as fun lyrics. The beat and rhythm of the song were also great and the guitar solo at the end of the track really sealed it all together.

Track three, “TIMEZONE,” switched up the energy from the first two tracks to give a song that felt more emotional but was still a lot of fun. The guitars in this song sounded great and all of the instruments together were fantastic. “TIMEZONE” also had a good chorus with fun lyrics and instrumentation that were perfect for this song. The next tracks “BLA BLA BLA” and “BABY SAID” were very punk-esk and shared the same fun, chaotic energy. “BLA BLA BLA” had a lot of attitude and lyrics to match that energy. The sarcasm of the lyrics was very fun and is what made this track stand out. “BABY SAID” had one of the best choruses of any of the songs on the album and gave the same vibes as the previous track. The mini-guitar solos in “BABY SAID” were also fantastic and the instrumentation plus the chorus made this song really fun.

Track six, “GASOLINE,” was the best song on the album. The entire production of the song was fantastic, from the lyrics to the instruments, and the beats. The bridge into the chorus was great and the chorus itself had a lot of hard rock and punk vibes. This song was pure rock and every part of it sounded amazing. I loved the chorus and instrumentation, which both shined on this song. Next up is “FEEL” which was another stand-out track. It had a fun beat that sounded great along with the lyrics, instruments, and singing. The song got me excited for the chorus every time and I loved the vibe and feel of the entire song. Track eight, “DON’T WANNA SLEEP,” had good lyrics and overall good production. The lead singer, Damiano David, sounded great on this record as well and his singing abilities really stood out.

Track nine, “KOOL KIDS,” was another outstanding song as it had a lot of the fun vibes felt throughout the album and seemed very punk. The lyrics were very satirical and made this song stand out, similar to “BLA BLA BLA.” The drums and guitars were a lot of fun and I loved the mood of the entire song. “IF NOT FOR YOU” shook things up by being an actual sad, slow song. It was very emotional and stood out among tracks with a lot of energy. It’s like nothing else on the album and I really enjoyed it. “READ YOUR DIARY” was a return to the rock of the rest of the album and had a very fun chorus and a great beat and rhythm.

The next three tracks, “MARK CHAPMAN,” “LA FINE,” and “IL DONO DELLA VITA,” were all in Italian but still great additions to the album. “MARK CHAPMAN” was very energetic and had a lot of great guitar solos. “LA FINE” and “IL DONO DELLA VITA” both had great instrumentation and the lead singer sounded great on both. Track 15, “MAMMAMIA,” was a return to English and was also a very good song. The chorus had a lot of energy and the song tilted more into punk rock. The lyrics were also very carefree and were perfect for this track.

The last two tracks of the album, “SUPERMODEL” and “THE LONELIEST,” were some of the best songs on the album. “SUPERMODEL” had a different vibe than the last few tracks and overall was a lot of fun to listen to. The lyrics were interesting and caught my attention and the instruments also sounded very good. This song leaned more into alternative rock and the entire record had a great vibe. “THE LONELIEST” was a good ending to the album, despite not being very rock, like the rest of the songs. It was a nice, pretty song that I really enjoyed and the lyrics, singing, and instruments were all superb.

Måneskin really delivered on their new album RUSH! The album was cohesive, none of the songs were that similar, the instrumentation and production were impressive, and the lyrics were fun, giving RUSH! 10/10 pomegranate seeds. I really enjoyed listening to this album and would highly recommend it to any rock or alternative fans.