Club Spotlight: Green Team Club


Mrs. Cleveland

The Green Team Club poses for a picture after a successful meeting.

Kate Wang and Taelyr Chamberlain

With aspirations to make our school and community more sustainable and environmentally friendly, the Green Team Club works to empower students through volunteering and activism that partners with local environmental organizations. 

Katie Fenner is the president of the Green Team Club. She has a passion for building up the community, and has organized many projects to help the environment.

Fenner has big goals for the club. “We want to get people involved in environmental activism and give Granada students volunteering opportunities,” she explained when asked about the purpose of the club. 

Being there since the very beginning, Katie has been a part of the club since its founding in her freshman year. When she stepped up to the role of president, she was aiming to make the club the best it has ever been. 

This year, working alongside the Human Rights Club, the Green Team Club started a donation drive for Halloween costumes. The idea was to encourage students to recycle or donate their costumes. Almost fifty costumes were donated and were given to the Tri Valley Haven, a local beloved thrift store. After October 31, there are many costumes that are never going to be worn again. The drive presented itself as a great alternative to throwing them away. Anyone who dressed up this Monday knows that high quality Halloween costumes can be pricey. The drive allowed people of all incomes to be able to dress up nicely for Halloween without emptying their wallets. Students who donated received donuts as compensation. 

Started in 2019, the Green Team Club has volunteered with local community organizations, such as Sunflower Hill and Fertile Ground Works. Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Green Team Club participated in beach cleanups and similar activities. 

In the past few years, it was harder to operate because of all the Covid restrictions. The club even shut down at one point. However, their boundless determination and creativity meant that they wouldn’t give up. Last year, as they started up again, they pulled off an incredible fundraiser that raised $250 for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Fully recovered, this year they are officially back to business. And their first project of the year certainly didn’t disappoint. 

Current officers are interested in partaking in more onsite volunteering opportunities and working with environmental organizations in the area. One future project that the club is working on is trying to offset Granada paper waste by planting trees. 

The Green Team Club meets every Tuesday in Mrs. Cleveland’s room, S-9. Follow their Instagram @gogreenghs for more updates.