Granada’s Library Offers Many Options to Students


Moss Ballin, Reporter

The library here at Granada has always been a nice place to be. Most students are aware of the amazing water fountains, or the underrated bathrooms, but the library has so much more to offer. 

Located by the student parking lot, the circular building of the library is frequented by all kinds of students. The library has so much more to offer than most may realize.

When asked about what students can gain from the library, librarian Adair Spence had this to say, “When you come to the library our job is to make your day easier, whether that’s a place to hide out or a place to collaborate or a place to ask questions about anything from citing your resources to finding a good read.”

The library has so much to offer, with a large yet selective collection of books for students to choose from, a wide range of seating options, and computers.  Not to mention the cozy, well decorated space that could be useful to students looking for somewhere to finish up some homework at the last minute, or just somewhere to stay during an open period. A lot of students already take advantage of this, but a lot don’t yet realize what the library really can do for them.

 “I would love to see more though, I always feel like there’s room for anyone who wants to come to the library,” said Spence in regards to the amount of students that come by the library.

The library staff works hard to make it a safe space for students, so they can come in for whatever they might need. Even the books on the shelves contribute to the welcoming atmosphere.

Not only is the collection at the library diverse, but it’s growing, and only getting better. With a large fiction section organized by genre, there really is something for everyone. Whether you like fantasy, sci-fi, or something more thrilling like horror or mystery, you will definitely find something in the library.

“Right now we have all kinds of books. I actually have spent time weeding out books that maybe aren’t as popular to make more room on the shelf, and we are hoping to do a big order to update,” said Spence.

Students at Granada can expect even more books, with even more variety coming to the library soon. The effort put into the library is very impressive, from new book selections to the newsletter that is sent to students through their emails. 

The library is an excellent place for all kinds of students and is getting better everyday because of the dedication of the library staff.