Red Hot Chili Peppers New Album Is Alright


Ella Philippe, Reporter

Pomegranate Seeds: 7/10

Last friday the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their new album “Return Of The Dream Canteen,” which has 17 tracks on it. The Red Hot Chili peppers have been releasing music since 1983 and have been a band ever since. Here are some of the things I thought about this new album.

Track one called “Tippa My Tongue” was a new sound of their usual funk rock they go for. I enjoyed listening to it and it was a clean song. The intro had really good guitar riffs and the bass, as always, was very different. The song was a intresting way to start the album off.

Track two “Peace and Love” had a very nice chorus and bridge, which I really like how it was soft instead of being more fast-paced like usual rock songs. I love how the song lyrics work very well even if they don’t really make sense all of the time.

Track three was different than the others as it started out slow but as the main chorus came up it sped up and the vocals were amazing to listen to. It was a very my favorite track of the first three songs on the album.

Track four “Eddie” was a tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen, the lyrics were very amusing, and I really liked the tribute to the late artist. The drumming the guitar everything about the song I enjoyed a lot.

The next track called “Fake as F***” was a little less catchy than the others, but it wasn’t terrible. The band usually always make it work even if it isn’t their usual sound. The album feels like the band is trying new things with the music, which I definitely appreciate.

Track six called “Bella” seems to be a fan favorite so far. The song was well written and tells a story, and I can understand what he’s trying to get through as well as being really great musically.

The nexts two tracks “Roulette” and “My cig******” were both catchy tunes and added to the album in their own way.

“Afterlife,” the next track, felt a little different than the others; it had a different bridge and chorus, and I really liked how it was a different feel than the other songs. The guitar solo at the end was as fantastic as always. John Frusciante never disappoints when he plays guitar.

The next track “Shoot Me A Smile” was really pleasant to listen to and is definitely another favorite off this album.

“Handful” and “The Drummer” the next two songs in the album were the same as the other songs: catchy and nice to listen to.

On the other hand the song “Bag Of Grins” was by far the best song on the album — it was catchy, fun to listen to, and wasn’t boring. It had a totally different feel than the other songs on the album.

“La La La La La La La” and “CopperBelly,” the fourteenth and fifteenth tracks, were alright just not something that sticks out to me. Finally, the last two tracks “Carry Me Home” and “In The Snow” were both songs that help bring the album to a nice close.

Finally the end of the one hour and fifteen minute album, it was catchy as expected the singing and the guitar and bass a drums were excellent and the band never seems to disappoint but it wasn’t their best, yet it is still worth a listen.