The Pomegranate’s In and Out


Sarah Araya, Moss Ballin, and Tyler Hayley

Hey Matadors, it’s that time of the week when we declare what trends and activities are in and out. Here’s what we say is officially in and what’s officially out.

  • In: Country music

Country music is in. Do you ever find yourself needing to jam out to some good music and vibes? Morgan Wallen, Luke Bryan, Luke Combs, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney all have amazing music, but not all have amazing reputations. So if you ever need a jam or something to listen to, go with Country where there are amazing songs and artists. So expand your horizons and give it a shot.

  • Out: Not drinking water

Keeping yourself hydrated and healthy is so important, so not drinking water is a terrible idea. You can’t make a worse decision than not drinking water. What are you drinking instead? Milk? Not drinking water will always be OUT.

  • In: Unionizing

Right now, there’s nothing that slays quite like unionizing. In our current society, there is no better time for workers to stand up for their rights. Fighting for better rights is always in so show your employer who’s boss by unionizing today.

  • Out: Country Bo-Ho

Consisting of terrible designs, boring colors, and no style, Country Bo-Ho is out. Outfits and aesthetics are a way to express yourself, and you really picked this one. There’s no way to be more boring with your clothes.

  • In: True Crime Documentaries

Ever needed a little scare but also loved learning new horror facts. True crime is where it’s at. A lot of people love watching why these people committed these crimes and also learning what they did. For example the documentaries “Athlete A” or “My Daughter’s Killer.” They are all amazing docs so if you’re ever in the mood for a thrilling documentary about true crime hop on Youtube or Netflix and grab some popcorn and watch.

  • Out: color-block clothing

While there was a time when color blocking worked, maybe in 2020, it just doesn’t work anymore. The bright, extreme colors were once interesting and new, but now that the novelty of it has worn off, there isn’t really a point anymore. Not many people even know what it is anymore.

  • In: Monster High

What could be more in than Monster High? Whether we’re talking about the TV show or the dolls, Monster High is killing it right now. If you have taste, you probably played with Monster High dolls as a kid and they are totally IN.

  • Out: micro-bangs

Bangs are often used to balance out the face, usually by covering the forehead, so what good do bangs do if they don’t? If you’re going to get bangs, do yourself a favor and get something helpful, not something unflattering.

  • In: high-top Converse

When you are out and about, do you really want your ankles exposed? Being one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, the ankle should be protected. Throughout history, the ankle has been a very controversial topic, so it’s best to keep it out of sight.

  • Out: flip flops

Protecting your feet is in, so leaving them exposed is out. When you wear flip-flops, the only thing between your foot and the floor is some foam and plastic. One wrong step and it can fly off of your foot since it has no back strap to keep it on.