Club Spotlight: Math Club

Lots of math symbols and numbers in a big mess


Lots of math symbols and numbers in a big mess

Naomi Penner, Reporter

Math Club has been a staple in Granada’s list of clubs for many years. The club centers around preparing for math competitions, learning new skills not taught in the classroom, and collaborating with like minded people.

Prisha Sheth, a Junior has led the club for two years with co-presidents Carly Thinfen and Claire Sahn. She joined the club during freshman year because math is a subject in school that she really enjoyed. Sheth explained, “being a part of math club helps me connect with others with the same passion as me.”

Along with being surrounded by those who have the same interests and who are invested in enriching their knowledge, Sheth said her favorite part of the club, “… is seeing all of our faces when we collaboratively solve a hard problem, or when we all get really involved in the friendly-competitions.” She enjoys the nature of the club and believes the people make it what it is.

On the future of the club, Sheth said, “My goals for the year is to prepare everybody for the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) in November, along with helping everybody further their knowledge about besides what is just taught in the classroom.” Math is stereotyped to be a boring class, that has no real importance, however it has many uses outside of school. Math club introduces students to these uses.

Meetings are never boring. Sheth tries her best to keep things fresh and new, breaking out of a typical class structure. When asked what a normal club meeting looks like, she said, “We keep meetings engaging by switching up what we do; for instance, some days we do games like Kahoot and Jeopardy, while others we go over topics for the AMC. Right now, we are preparing a lot for the AMC test by playing games.”

In a message to anyone considering joining the club, Sheth explained,” Math Club can help you develop and/or further your love for math by solving problems collaboratively and in fun ways. Also, participating in the AMC looks good for future applications. In the 2nd and 3rd trimester, most math teachers also offer extra credit for going to the club (we record everybody’s names down).”

Anyone interested in enriching their mathematical knowledge or just having a good time interacting with other students should check out the Math Club. They meet every Wednesday at lunch in room 405 with Mr. Clifton.