The Pomegranate’s In and Out

Sarah Araya, Moss Ballin, and Tyler Hayley

There are so many new trends going around and some of them are just plain bad, but we understand trends because we’re right, and you’re wrong. Here is The Pomegranate’s expertly chosen and indisputable list of what’s in and what’s out this week:

  • IN: Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore is a dedicated meteorologist, who throws himself into the worst, most dangerous storms in order to serve and educate the American people. He is, and always will be IN. Check out his hurricane videos on YouTube.

  • OUT: Wife guys

Wife guys are male celebrities (usually comedians) who only ever talk about their insane love and admiration for their wives. That should be a good thing, right? Well, it would be if it didn’t usually end in a horrible cheating scandal.  For that, we think they’re a little suspicious, and definitely out this week.

  • IN: Back Cracking

School can bring on all kinds of back pains, whether you have a heavy backpack, or are hunching over to finish an assignment last minute. The obvious solution to all that built-up tension? Back cracking, of course!

  • OUT: Online assignments

Staring at a screen for an extended amount of time has never been good for you, especially not when you are supposed to be learning. Not to mention, studies have shown that paper notes and assignments help you retain more information. Which, in our opinion, makes online assignments totally out.

  • IN: High-rise baggy jeans

High-rise baggy jeans are stylish, comfortable, and overall a fashion staple. Where would our wardrobes be without them? I hope I never find out.

  • OUT: Square nails

It’s difficult to make square nails flattering on any nail shape. Not to mention the tendency it has to mess up some nail art. For that, square nails are out.

  • IN: Lifting weights

Being buff, no matter your gender is totally in! But what’s even more in, is the process. Lifting weights can do a lot for your body, and also a lot for your mind. For that, lifting is absolutely IN!

  • OUT: Casetify

While they were once popular, the brand has not been able to live up to promotion promises. Many customers have complained about shattered phones and non-refundable purchases. For that, the once reputable company is now out. 

  • IN: Cooking for yourself

What’s hotter than self-sufficiency? Why wait for your mom, or dad, or door dasher when you can get in the kitchen and make something you know that you’ll enjoy? There is nothing better than the feeling of eating something that you put time and energy into. 

  • OUT: Telescopic mascara 

While we love mascara, we have to admit that they aren’t all made equal. Telescopic has some amazing qualities, such as the length it gives lashes, but it’s too easy to use too much. If you aren’t careful, your lashes can become mini skyscrapers, which unfortunately makes Telescopic out this week.