New Health Teacher Coach Q Looks to Make Connections With Students Beyond the Basketball Court


Coach Q

Gabe Ruiz, Reporter

Granada has a new health teacher in the science quad, Coach Q. He is in his first full year of teaching. Coach Q had been subbing all around the district before this full-time assignment, and he is the head varsity boys basketball coach. 

He was asked what did he do before he came into teaching. “I was playing basketball throughout school and had went to school for basketball.”

Health is his only subject that he is teaching and he says that he absolutely loves teaching it to students. “My goal was always to be a teacher; I just didn’t know which subject. I was then introduced to teaching health. It was my goal to be a teacher, so when the opportunity came, I took it, and I love it.”

One of his inspirations for becoming a teacher was his basketball coach. “Definitely would be my basketball coach. He was also a math teacher, and I just enjoyed coming to his class. I enjoyed just having him as a teacher and being able to come to his class whenever I needed to.” 

Coach Q said that this job is really all about the students. He really enjoys being a teacher and likes to be that teacher where any student could come to him and just hangout. He really emphasizes the student-teacher relationship. He said that he likes bonding with the students.

“My favorite part of this job so far  is just connecting with all the students. That would easily be the best part. Just being able to have that special relationship with the students is amazing. I’ve been a basketball coach for nine years and I was only able to get connected with that part who played. But now I am able to get all students.”

He was asked what the lows of being a teacher are. “Just those long days probably, with me being a teacher and having to go to open gym some days it’s just long. I still have a family that I want to see, so yeah it can be hard sometimes.”

Some of his hobbies outside of school, “Definitely spending time with family, I love doing that. I enjoy watching movies, any of them. I love to go snowboarding and of course anything with basketball I enjoy.”

He was asked about what his job would be if he was not a teacher. “I would be a basketball player for sure. A good one.”

He was asked to ask about what he enjoys about Livermore. “I love how it is a family oriented town. My kids love this place for sure.”

One thing that he is most proud of, is how well the kids accept him as a new teacher. He said that it makes him happy to see that. One thing that he wishes to accomplish at Granada, “Just have a nice and positive impact on all students. I want students to be able to say that my health teacher was a real help to me.”

Something that he wants all of Granada to know, “I’m just a teacher you can always come and talk to or just if you want to say hi. If you need a place to hangout, my room is always open for all students. Or if you just need help, I’m always here.”