‘See How They Run’ Is the Next Classic Murder-Mystery

See How They Run Is the Next Classic Murder-Mystery

Tyler Hayley, Reporter and Editor

Pomegranate Seeds: 10/10

The newest movie from Tom George, “See How They Run” is the newest whodunnit mystery with a star-studded cast including Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody, and Harris Dickinson. Here are all my thoughts on “See How They Run.”

Set in 1950s England, “See How They Run” follows the story of Inspector Stoppard and the rookie Constable Stalker as they investigate a fresh murder. The whole story is wonderfully set up, with the beginning being narrated by one of the characters who could be labeled as a little unreliable. It adds a fun aspect to the beginning of the movie that makes it feel like a classic whodunnit. The beginning of the movie also gives you an idea of the imagery you’ll see throughout the movie, as all the buildings and details feel like they were pulled out of a 1950s comic book.

The characters are all very well written while also being caricatures of your typical murder-mystery cast. “See How They Run” isn’t trying to be a shocking twist on typical thriller movies, it’s a whodunnit that is just a classic whodunnit, and it’s able to do that very well. The plot is a classic murder mystery with characters that fit all the regular roles- such as a victim who seemed to have got what was coming to them and a whole set of people who had a bone to pick with him- while still surprising you at the end.

The plot is also very fun as it highlights all the characters perfectly and intertwines all of them very well into the murder. It never left me hoping for more as it made great use of good comedic timing, great actors, and using the structure of past murder mysteries. Focusing on a set of people all involved in the hit play “The Mousetrap,” based on an Agatha Christie novel, it’s a whodunnit about a whodunnit. It was funny and charming, and overall “See How They Run” delivered a great movie.

While you can’t expect too much from this movie, as it is another murder-mystery story, it also understands what it’s set out to do and crafts another great film. It’s a movie where you’ll either guess every plot twist or never see it coming. It’s a very enjoyable movie that is made up of great directing, great acting, and great writing. Even if you can’t appreciate it as another classic whodunnit, you can appreciate all the hard work that clearly went into it.

Ultimately, it’s a movie that knows what it is and does it well. “See How They Run” is a great movie that is definitely worth the watch, giving it 10/10 pomegranate seeds. Already being well received by critics, “See How They Run” is just another great movie from 2022. You can see it now at the Vine Cinema in downtown Livermore.