Staff Skit Experiences Speaker Issues


Mia Bartl, Reporter

Last Friday, Granada High’s teachers brought back the staff skit for the first time in several years. Unfortunately, the speakers typically used for football games, placed directly above the bleachers where students sat to watch, were blown out. Unfortunately, this resulted in the volume of the pre-recorded skit to be far too low to hear across the bleachers and over the inevitable chatter of students. 

The teachers took the stage decked out in flannel, denim, and bright colors, paying tribute to their 90s theme. Their set included the iconic couch from the renowned 90s sitcom Friends, and featured each of the main characters from the show. No detail was spared, with Mrs. Avilla sporting a Central Perk apron in her role as Rachel Green, and Ms. Herrington rocking out with a real acoustic guitar to complete her Phoebe Buffay outfit. Mr. Gresham and Mr. Clifton also went all out with their costumes, both dressed in full suits, truly embodying Granda’s motto, “stay classy.” 

Regardless, the staff skit was not by any means a failure. Mr. Avilla has participated in nearly every staff skit during his time at Granada, whether it be as a dancer, an extra, or, like this year, one of the main characters. Regardless of the technical difficulties this year, Avilla insists, “It’s enjoyable just to go out there. We have a really good staff. People enjoy just kind of being together with another, participating together, and it’s fun to kind of go out and be funny and be foolish instead of the student body.” It is evident the true purpose of skit, to provide a fun way for all of Granada to connect with one another, was not lost amidst Friday’s speaker issues.