Spotlight: Granada Drumline


Angus Otte

Logan Vaughn, David Sadkowski, Parker Wolfe, and

Angus Otte, Reporter

Granada’s Music Program has a hidden gem within it’s program known as the Drumline. The Granada Drumline is essentially a marching band with only mallet instruments. The Drumline practices at Granada on Tuesdays and Thursdays and serve a filling role in the marching scene.

Granada’s Drumline is an amazing program overseen by Mr. Pascoe and is mainly ran by students. The members of this group consist of David Sadkowski (12), Jacob Garcia (12), Parker Wolfe (11), Leo Jin (11), Anna Van Essen (10), Logan Vaughn (9), and others.

This year David Sadkowski, a senior newcomer to drumline, has had a great experience within the program for the few weeks he’s participated saying, “I joined drumline because I was always entertained by the performances put on by them at our band reviews but never put myself into it. This year I decided to push myself and join. I have been learning and progressing at a good speed and have been having a great time. I can’t wait to compete at our reviews and competitions.”

The drumline provided an outstanding visual for a marching band as they are pretty loud, have musical pitch being able to have bells, and even turn with different poses and orientation to create different shapes.

The drumline also play for everyone at our own football games as they provide some musical fun before the football games start, usually playing their cadence where everyone goes “down the line” and preform a solo, and then return to playing the cadence while the band marches across the football field, signifying a good time is about to happen.

During the game, the drumline helps with chants from the student section, the cheer and dance team, and the pep band section, making the chants more distinct as the people hearing the drums know something is happening whether that be out teams kickoff, the cheerleaders starting a chant, or the band getting ready to play their fight song.

The marching season begins in the fall around the start of October, and the Granada marching band goes all over the Bay Area to places like Loomis, Santa Cruz, Napa, and more to compete for trophies. As the marching band is the main show, Granada offers a second show in the form of drumline, an outstanding performance to watch.

The drumline is graded separately, which means that they have their own competition for a trophy with other drumlines like Fairfield High or Elk Grove . Some drumlines are big and plentiful with many basses, snares, quads, and bells, while others are small and modest with their drummers. The Granada drumline is composed of players who are very confident and excel at cadences, pep tunes, and marching pieces.

During the winter season the drumline goes to competitions all around the Bay Area competing for first place. This version of drumline takes place inside a schools gym where every drumline creates a “set” (a couple props) and add together moving drills. Although it is the same concept as the fall season drumlines, the winter drumlines take the show up a notch with movement and choreography.

The Granada drumline has been taking home competition trophies, making people get into the spirit at football games, and giving the music program itself a more respectable and friendly environment.