Season One of Multiversus Spices Up the Base Game

Angus Otte, Reporter

Pomegranate Seeds: 10/10

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment shook up the meta this past week in Multiversus, their new platform-fighter game, with Season One and the introduction of Morty Smith from “Rick and Morty”, a new Battle Pass, and a new set of balance changes to the game. I’ve recently played the changed and improved game and here are my thoughts and what I’ve noticed.

Season One of Multiversus has changed the game in its entirety. Before Update 1.01, Multiversus was suffering from many exploits and glitches like Iron Giant’s infinite damage sit, Bugs Bunny’s double rocket glitch, and the infinite speech bubble attack combo between Velma and Jake. These glitches caused many players to not play the game as finding yourself against a duo of Iron Giants or a team of Jake and Velma simply made them want to quit.

That was until just recently when Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment swooped in and saved their player base from these horrible exploits by delivering to us Season One of Multiversus. Season One brought us a fresh breath of air through new changes to characters. No more double rocketing from Bugs Bunny or tornado spinning shenanigans from the Tasmanian Devil, Taz.

Season one gave nerfs and fixes to characters like Bugs and Taz from “Looney Tunes”, Iron Giant from “The Iron Giant”, Velma from “Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated”, Jake from “Adventure Time”, Steven Universe from “Steven Universe”, Superman and Batman from “Batman: The Animated Series”, while giving some help to characters who were lacking in power like Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones”, Garnet from “Steven Universe”, Lebron James from “Space Jam”, Reindog (A Warner Bros Original), Shaggy from “Scooby Doo”, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman from “Batman: The Animated Series”. These patch notes were something we needed for a long time as we were terrorized by glitches and they didn’t disappoint as they fixed everything that was ruining their core gameplay.

Multiversus also introduced to us a new battle pass that has over 100 rewards for $10 or 950 “Gleamium” that has over 50 tiers. Of course there’s a free battle pass where you can get some rewards but are limited to what you can receive. As soon as you buy the Battle Pass, you will be given a skin for the Taz that is his uniform that he wore in the original Space Jam back in 1996. As you progress, you can get different variants like Flashback Garnet, Task Force X Harley Quinn, Detectives Tom and Jerry, Freakin Robin Lebron James, and Brunhilde Bugs Bunny, and more cosmetics like taunts, profile icons, profile banners, and ring out animations.

The Battle Pass doesn’t take as much time as you  think, because while you play, you earn Medals which contribute to a level bar and reward you when it’s full. Warner Bros offers you new “Season Challenges” every week that take a longer to complete compared to the “Daily Challenges”. Overall, the investment of $10 will reward you heavily if you put the time into brawling up some opponents.

Last but not least, the crème de la crème was the addition of Rick Sanchez’s grandson, Morty! Morty Smith, the newest Bruiser character, switches up the game with his new abilities with his Barbarian Instincts, Snake Laser, and his unresolved anger issues. Morty’s Snake Laser allows him to fire grenades, fire snakes vertically and horizontally, and pull him closer to his foe. When Morty needs to blow off some steam, he can make his arm huge and pulverize his enemy and throw a hammer at his opponents when done.

Morty can also spawn a circle of fire that launches his opponents in the air and lights them ablaze. Plumbus, Morty’s personal buddy, can be brought onto the battlefield and help Morty as he cleans his allies and weakens his enemies. My personal favorite is Morty’s Barbarian instincts as he just pulls out an ax and swings it at his enemies. His Special Attacks consist of a grenade that explodes on impact, the power of summoning Earth Pillars straight out of the ground, opening portals to another dimension to increase his allies projectile speeds, and a hotline to call a spaceship to stand on. When your all finished beating up your enemies you can have a quick drink with Morty’s Taunt.

Morty’s mechanics are not hard at all to master as he is a very aggressive character so as long as you are doing damage, Morty is very viable. He is listed as Expert but I think that his skill doesn’t even scratch the surface of being an expert as his kit and play style don’t amount to the amount of skill needed for other Experts like Tom and Jerry or Steven Universe. Overall, I’d say Morty will be in the Meta of Multiversus for a while as his playability and kit make enough of a fun challenge for anyone.

Season One has brought many new features to the game and has changed the Meta entirely, making the game feel like it has been finally renewed, making the overall experience super fun for everyone. I give Multiversus Season One a 10/10 and would recommend the game to anyone as it feels like a breath of fresh air has swept over and made it a new game.