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Livermore Reviews: Teaspoon

Black Sugar Assam Tea

The first teaspoon shop, owned by Amy Lai and David Fan, was first opened in 2015 during March. This shop originated in Los Altos, California. Their business soon grew rapidly and they gained popularity over time. Lai and Fan worked together to open up more Teaspoon locations to be recognized in more of California and the U.S. A more recent location has arrived just now in Livermore, California. Teaspoon has spread all around the West, Central, and East Coast. Located on Railroad Avenue, Teaspoon has become a popular spot in Livermore, where you can eat, drink tea, and just chill. 

Teaspoon’s mission is to take pride in the art of handcrafting every drink with love, ensuring a great experience, and they firmly believe that a cup of your favorite tea can bring you so much joy. Trust Teaspoon to deliver you happiness one drink at a time. 

When you first walk into Teaspoon, you get a very welcoming feeling. There are workers welcoming you in. They have positive music playing as well. They provide a very nice wooden sitting area with tons of natural light beaming in. There are tables as well and you have the option of ordering on their menu device or you can take your order at the cashier stand. In their seating area, they also have charging ports in case your device dies. There were signs in there too, a sign in the back that said Teaspoon Livermore and one on the wall by the tables that said “Enjoying life one teaspoon at a time.” You can also see the workers working on making the drinks and the boba place is bright and airy and has a very welcoming atmosphere. The place is decorated in the Halloween spirit. Overall, this shop gave us very good vibes and it was pretty cozy.

Numerous toppings

They have about 24 toppings to choose from so you can customize your drink however you want. There’s also a wide variety of snacks that you can choose from. They have macaroons, brownies, and lots more. 

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Drink 1: Guava Sunset $7: Freshly blended guava puree and pineapple marmalade, topped with lemon juice. Guava Sunset was such a refreshing drink. It was fruity and sweet. I could really taste the pineapple and the guava. The color kind of looked like a sunset with yellow and orange and when fully mixed it had an orange color with lemon slices in it. Overall I would rate the drink an 8/10 pomegranate seeds. A good fruity fruit tea. 

Drink 2: Black Sugar Assam $6.75: According to Teaspoon’s website this drink is a “Creamy rich Assam black tea infused with our signature black sugar boba.” I can confirm this description. Unfortunately, at the store, they were in the process of making more honey boba and it wouldn’t be ready for a while. Since that was the case, I decided to substitute that boba with strawberry popping boba. At first, I believed it would taste a bit odd, but it was actually even better. The popping boba gave a burst of fruity-ness and it was so good. This drink was a little bitter at the beginning but after I got a bit of the strawberry-popping boba everything in the drink was well-balanced. I’d rate this a 9.5/10 and if I were to come back I’d definitely get this drink again. 

Dessert 1: Peruvian Chocolate Brownie $3.25: This dessert originated from the prized Criolla bean. This Peruvian chocolate adds a delicate fruity at first taste but then gives you an everlasting rich chocolate taste. After taking a few bites of the brownie I could taste very little fruity-ness. Although this was the case, the chocolate flavors were soooo good! The chocolate was very rich and deep and the textures were so nice. There were chunks of rich chocolate chips mixed in. The only thing I’d add to this brownie is more fruity flavors mixed in. Personally, I’d give this dessert a 7.5/10. 

Drink 3: Silky Strawberry $7: House strawberry marmalade infused with organic milk with honey boba. Silky Strawberry had white milk on top and a deep red color on the bottom with some honey-infused boba. When mixed it had a pinkish-white color to it. The drink tasted very sweet but I didn’t really taste the strawberry it just tasted like milk mostly. Overall I would rate this drink a 5/10. It was okay but I wish there was more of a strawberry flavor in the drink.

Drink 4: House Milk Tea: This tea looked like a regular milk tea and the color was a light brown. The house milk tea tasted kind of like black tea and it was also very milky. This drink is a 7/10 for me. The House Milk Tea is a great option if you’re looking for a regular milk tea or a tea that kind of tastes like black tea.

Dessert 2: Matcha Macaron and the Rose Lychee Macaron: The matcha and milk-filled Macaroon, buttercream lightened with cream, lychee liquor, and rose extract Macaroon. Their Macaroons sell out fast so if there is a specific kind you want make sure you get it quickly. The Matcha Macaron tasted sweet and milky and had a very milk-like taste. I couldn’t really taste the matcha at all and I was a little disappointed. I wish it had more matcha in it. I would rate this Macaroon a 6/10 pomegranate seeds. The rose lychee Macaron had a very distinct taste in it. It tasted very sweet but also had a soapy-like taste. It kind of resembled soap, which is what my sister said when she tried it. It wasn’t that good and I personally did not like the taste of it. I would rate this Macaroon 5/10 pomegranate seeds. I think a strawberry or chocolate macaroon would have been better but unfortunately, they were out of those flavors.

I talked to a worker at Teaspoon before I left. Her name was Maddy and I asked her what her favorite drink from Teaspoon was. She said “It depends on my mood and [what] kind of tea I’m in the mood for. [If] I want a fruity tea Guava Sunset [if] I want a milk tea Creamy Jasmine.” Those are her two favorite teas and she said that those teas are good depending on if you want a milk or fruit tea. 

Teaspoon is such a great cafe to just sit back and relax while enjoying your snacks. Everything about this location is so nice. The employees are welcoming and kind-hearted. They have lots of toppings, snacks, pastries, and drinks to choose from. The list goes on. Our drinks were definitely amazing and those were just a few. If you are ever in the mood or craving something flavorful, Teaspoon is the place to visit! From their warm and welcoming atmosphere to their signature drinks and foods, this is, undoubtedly, a must-visit. 

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