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Grabbing Life by the Horns

The Pomegranate’s In and Out- Week 8

Sarah Araya

It’s a new school year which means time for another list of what’s in and out! Here’s a list of the latest trends and the ones that we are going to be retiring from now on. 

  • IN: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore, Midnights. Taylor Swift’s popularity has spiked ever since her Eras Tour tickets were put on the market. Her fan base is extremely influential to many, especially users on social media. Her popularity is growing and we are here for it!

  • OUT: BeReal

BeReal was an app to take pictures of random things happening right then and there. Recently, this app has become tiresome, as it feels like a chore to post your daily picture every day. Joy Gregory, 9, explains her usage with the app. She explains, “I used to post my BeReal. Every day when it [the timer notification] went off, it was like an important task, but now I barely open the app. After a while, taking a picture on BeReal just got repetitive and boring.” Joy explains that now she doesn’t get a rush to post her daily picture after the timer notifies her. It seems clear that BeReal is definitely a goner.

  • IN: Uggs

Uggs are IN. They are comfortable and are such a vibe to wear, especially during fall and winter. Gwyneth Gozum, 9, says, “Just like other recent trends, Uggs are making a huge comeback. The Tasman slippers are a new look that goes with almost everything which is good for the incoming fall season.” Gwyneth agrees that fall is the Ugg season when everything sells out. Social media is also contributing to Uggs’ “comeback.” For a quick look, influencers post outfits to match different Ugg footwear. This trend is such a vibe and it is here to stay.

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  • OUT: LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights were such a popular trend during late 2020, that hundreds of thousands of people were purchasing them. People taped them from their walls to their door frames. These give off 2020 vibes and 2020 was not a good time. Now, sunset lamps are more trendy. The clutter on your walls isn’t cute, so they gotta go. 

  • IN: Concerts

From Drake’s concerts and SZA’s tours to Taylor Swift’s international eras tours. For a quick glance, Taylor Swift’s fans have been dressing up as different albums and customizing their own outfits. Concerts have definitely been a hit recently as many popular artists are going on tours. 

  • OUT: Shein

Shein doesn’t give credit to any businesses (small and big) while stealing their product designs. Although their prices are very low, their clothing quality is not so great. And not to mention, they are being sued for copyright infringement. They have extremely inhumane conditions and they violate basic human rights. Shein is out and gone for good. 

  • IN: Matcha

Drinking matcha has become an “it girl” thing. From the history of originating from China approximately 1,000 years ago to the trend spreading to Japan, Matcha contains rich antioxidants and is a healthier substitute for coffee. The process when preparing a matcha drink is also relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. Matcha is in and will remain popular. 

  • OUT: Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Self-care also leads the way to a happier lifestyle. No one enjoys hearing your growling stomach during 3rd period either. So do everyone a favor and eat some form of food in the morning.

  • IN: Having a skincare routine

Whether it’s just washing your face with a cleanser or having a whole routine with many products, both will help. Your skin is one of the most important organs of your body and taking care of it can help you look your best at all times. Wearing sunscreen has also started coming back up again since many are coming to their senses that the sun can cause early aging. Everyone wants to look good so skincare is IN.

  • OUT: Doom-scrolling

Nobody likes the feeling of laying in bed on a Saturday morning while scrolling on social media. It makes you feel unproductive and drained. For example, Anushka Rana, 9, says, “I tend to doom-scroll a lot, but after a while, I get bored of it and feel like doing my work. Sometimes when I find funny videos, I end up scrolling for an hour.” Although Anushka enjoys watching social media, she ends up losing interest and feels like she’s procrastinating her homework. Being an unproductive person is out. 

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Ashlin Liao
Ashlin Liao, Reporter
Ashlin Liao is a freshman at Granada. This is her first year as a contributor for the Pomegranate. She enjoys writing sports articles that focus on our athletes here at Granada. During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Ashlin plays golf and tennis. She also does track during spring. Ashlin is also a part of the Interact Club and she enjoys traveling with her family.

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