Super Bowl Recap

Henrikch Aguisando, Reporter

The Chiefs going into Super Bowl 57 were the unfavored team overall, yet they still pulled out a victory. They scored a field goal to break the tie with just under two minutes left of the game. This field goal was made possible by a holding call made on Eagles cornerback James Bradberry. This penalty has been discussed as a topic of controversy as it is considered one of the reasons the Eagles lost because it had given the Chiefs the yards they needed to go for a field goal. Many believe that Bradberry was not holding at all and that the call should have been overturned. Among the reasons for their loss was their defense. It was very disappointing to see their defensive line not hold up like it should have. On top of that they did not get a single sack that entire game. That would have changed the tide and won the game for Philadelphia.

In other news, Rihanna was the main attraction for this year’s halftime show.  She had a good performance but viewers could tell something was off about it. You could tell that she did not have as much movement as she usually would during a show. Her movements were slow but her singing was still spectacular. It was revealed afterward that she is once again pregnant with what is now her second child, which clarified why she was not dancing as much. I hope that next year they get a famous band to play the halftime show.

Another thing that many viewers always look forward every year are the commercials, but, unfortunately, a lot of them weren’t that great this time around. There were still some highlights, though. Those would be the Breaking Bad/Pop Corners commercial, the Ben Stiller/Pepsi commercial, the General Motors commercial with Netflix and Will Ferrell, and finally the Workday commercial with Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Gary Clark Jr. and Paul Stanley of Kiss. These four ads were the ones that stuck out the most to me and were also the most entertaining of them all. Besides those four commercials the movie trailers were pretty cool and succeeded in getting me excited about them. The ones I thought least enjoyable of them all are the Bradley Cooper with T-mobile commercial and the baby wedding commercial. The M&Ms commercial was probably the most disappointing of them all. They tried to do this whole thing where the M&M spokes-candies would be removed as mascots for good and replaced. The commercial had this character named Maya that “replaced” with no build up to at all. Then the big payout was just a popup that said “M&Ms are back!”.  Overall a majority of the ads were disappointing.