The Pomegranate’s Picks For the 2022 Oscars


Tyler Hayley, Reporter and Editor

The most prestigious awards in the film industry, this year’s Oscars nominees are finally out. With a wide range of different movies and actors being nominated, here’s who I think deserves to win at the 94th Academy Awards.

Best Picture:

The most prestigious award at the Oscars, Best Picture is awarded to the film that was the best of the year. Covering acting, directing, and writing, it is the biggest award of the ceremony. This year’s nominees are:



Don’t Look Up

Drive My Car


King Richard

Licorice Pizza

Nightmare Alley

The Power of the Dog

West Side Story

My pick for Best Picture is Nightmare Alley. Another masterpiece from director Guillermo del Toro, Nightmare Alley is a thriller that borders on horror as we embark on a tale that shows us the ugly side of carnival life in the 1930s. The film focuses on Stanton Carlisle, aptly played by Bradley Cooper, as he uses tricks he learned as a carny to try to create a better life for himself. With a star-studded cast including Cate Blanchett, Willem Dafoe, Rooney Mara, and Toni Collette, this movie was set up for success. With twists and turns that will keep you wondering what will happen next, Nightmare Alley is the Best Picture.


Best Actor

One of the biggest categories of the Oscars, Best Actor represents those who did an outstanding job in a leading role. This year’s nominees are:

Javier Bardem in Being the Ricardos

Benedict Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog

Andrew Garfield in Tick, Tick… Boom!

Will Smith in King Richard

Denzel Washington in The Tragedy of Macbeth

My pick for Best Actor is Andrew Garfield in Tick, Tick… Boom! A heart-wrenching story about one of Broadway’s best composers, Andrew Garfield gives a compelling performance as Jonathan Larson who was known for creating the musical Rent. But this movie takes us back to before he ever became famous- when he was still a struggling artist. Garfield was the perfect choice for this role as he brings the emotion and intensity that this role needs. As he grapples with heartache and the loss of the people he loves, Andrew Garfield was perfect for this role and was truly the Best Actor.


Best Actress

Rewarded to those who gave an outstanding performance in a lead role, Best Actress is a major honor for any actress. This year’s nominees are:

Jessica Chastain in The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Olivia Colman in The Lost Daughter

Penelope Cruz in Parallel Mothers

Nicole Kidman in Being the Ricardos

Kristen Stewart in Spencer

My pick for Best Actress is Kristen Stewart in Spencer. A psychological thriller focusing on Princess Diana, Spencer is about the late princess and how the royal family was crushing her. Kristen Stewart was perfect for the role of Diana, bringing the emotion and attitude that the role required. As she almost goes mad having to navigate her way through a Christmas weekend with the royal family, she starts to realize she must get out. Stewart is able to split that line between reality and madness as gives a peek into the life of one of the most notorious royals. Kristen Stewart was a perfect Diana and is the Best Actress.


Best Director

One of the many awards given to those working behind the scenes, Best Director is for individuals who led a film to be so successful. This year’s nominees are:

Kenneth Branagh for Belfast

Ryusuke Hamaguchi for Drive My Car

Paul Thomas Anderson for Licorice Pizza

Jane Campion for The Power of the Dog

Steven Spielberg for West Side Story

My pick for Best Director is Jane Campion for The Power of the Dog. While Campion has directed many movies, The Power of the Dog was one of her best. Telling the story of a distrustful rancher and his relationship with his newly-married brother, this film was a triumph in cinema as the cinematography, acting, and blocking were all on point. A good movie with great acting and great settings, Jane Campion is Best Director.


Best Animated Feature Film

While many live-action films provide us with deep, meaningful plots and characters, it can be hard to do so with animation. Best Animated Feature Film honors the writers, animators, and directors of a great animated film. This year’s nominees are:




The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Raya and the Last Dragon

My pick for Best Animated Feature Film is Encanto. One of the biggest movies of 2021, Encanto was a beautiful movie about a dysfunctional family that learns to truly come together. With many big names working on the movie, such as Lin-Manuel Miranda writing the songs, it’s no wonder the film came to be so popular. With great animation, the perfect characters, amazing music, and a good message, Encanto is the Best Animated Feature Film of 2021.

There are many exciting categories at the Oscars, but these five highlight the most important ones of the ceremony. A lot of good movies came out in 2021 and it will be exciting to see which ones win. If you want to watch the Academy Awards, they’re being hosted on March 27th.