Fashion of the Week: Anya Eastman and Maddie Contreras


Sophia Bertolo, Reporter And Editor

Let’s roll out the red carpet for Granada’s fashion of the week! This week we have Anya Eastman (freshman) and Maddie Contreras (freshman). 

Maddie’s Outfit:

  • Pants: Pacsun
  • Top: Princess Polly
  • Shoes: Nike
  • Necklaces: Gorjana and Asians Jewels
  • Bracelets: Pura Vida and 4ocean
  • Rings: Pandora and Asian Jewels

Anya’s Outfit: 

  • Pants: Urban Outfitters
  • Hoodie: George Fox University
  • Shoes: Vans
  • Socks: Nike
  • Bracelets: Baylen Levine