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What’s In and What’s Out For Christmas

Christmas on main street
Justin Brown
Christmas on main street

The holiday season arrives as December comes around; it is an annual tradition of festivities, Christmas being one of the most prominent. The holidays have been around for centuries and each year they warrant the same celebrations. However, as the years progress the Christmas season begins to mean different things for people, like an opportunity to decorate the house or hold get-togethers with friends and family. Now, in 2023 we’ve developed many trends surrounding Christmas, and many different cultures celebrating the holidays have created their own traditions. Cailey Saski, a sophomore at Granada High School, states, “every year my [family] we make mochi it’s our family tradition.” Cooper Eason explains that the day right after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of Christmas for him. So what is in and what is out for this season?

OUT: Eggnog is OUT, this cold drink is a nasty concoction and neither the taste nor the name is pleasant. It may look like plain milk but when you drink it you are hit with an odd flavor sensation of vanilla and faint egg. Who wants to drink raw eggs for Christmas when you could just drink hot cocoa? Sophomore Ariana Cruz states, “It’s disgusting, no explanation needed it just tastes like disgustingness.” Kevin Jo adds, “Eggnog is out, it’s chunky.”

IN: Stockings above the fireplace have always been a necessity in a Christmas-loving household; without them, you cannot truly experience the entirety of Christmas.

OUT: Decorating your car with reindeer antlers or Rudolph’s red nose is definitely OUT. Your car is not a deer and you are not Santa. When driving down the street few people enjoy the sight of a deer car. It may seem amusing at first but when you begin to see them around in every parking lot and driveway you start to wonder if it is as fantastic as you originally thought. Cailey Sasaki says, “I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s a good idea and it’s very cringy to see.”

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IN: Fuzzy socks are in, as the days get colder your feet will start to freeze without something warm to cover them like fuzzy socks! These accessories are not only practical but also enjoyable to look at, they are festive and warm; what’s not to love? Cruz explains, “Fuzzy socks are great because they’re soft and comfortable.”

OUT: Popcorn and cranberry garlands are out, nobody should be decorating their Christmas tree with food, especially popcorn, a snack that you can eat just by itself. They look tacky and probably smell, popcorn garlands look like a poor excuse for tinsel garlands.

IN: Cookies for Santa are always in! Baking and leaving cookies out for Santa Claus at night is an iconic part of Christmas traditions. They contribute to the Christmas spirit every year. Eveline Lewis elaborates, “I like baking cookies but I don’t know about baking them for Santa Claus because I want to eat them.”

OUT: Real Christmas trees are OUT; stop killing all our pine trees! It is so much easier to buy a fake Christmas tree than to keep buying real ones every year. The money you spend on real trees will build up and amount to a lot. Not only do fake trees spare you the cost but they’re easy to transport and set up and do not shed leaves like a dog. It is also much better for the environment. Cailey Sasaki believes that “you should buy fake trees because you don’t have to go pick one out and it’s better for the environment.” Cooper Eason argues that “fake trees are out, that’s lame because you gotta keep it real.”

IN: Matching Christmas pajamas are totally in. They are festive and comfy and are fun to match with your family and friends! Cooper Eason states, “I think that matching Christmas pajamas are cute and great to wear for the holidays.”

OUT: Christmas leggings look like a joke; these bodacious-looking pants are an absolute eyesore. They contribute nothing to an outfit except for its harsh overly decorated patterns that cling to your legs. Christmas pajamas are much more respectable and these decorative designs match better with the lounge aesthetic of PJs. Jo contradicts that they are comfy however it may seem that he does not know how it feels because he states, “I have never worn them.”

IN: Christmas slippers are festive and a fun way to add comfort to your holidays while showing spirit at the same time. Keep yourself warm with a pair of cute Christmas slippers.

OUT: Elf on the Shelf is out. This doll is a creepy trend that began too long ago to still be relevant now. His limbs are oddly shaped and slightly threatening to think about. Ariana says I think that it makes little kids go crazy sometimes.¨

IN: Advent calendars are so in. They are a fun way to countdown the days till the big day! When you open each day you can get different foods, candies, toys, and books. Advent calendars are essential for Christmas time they are a fun way to look forward to each waiting day. Lewis says, “Me and my boyfriend got an advent calendar that gives you chocolate but I don’t think [that’s] the best thing you can get.”

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