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France Finds High Radiation Levels in iPhone 12

Ajay Suresh
Above view of the cameras on Apple iPhone 12 Pro

On the week of September 14th, a regulator in France asked that the sale of iPhone 12s be stopped as they found levels of radiation that exceeded the European restrictions. In the U.S, SAR limits are 1.6 W/kg; the iPhone 12’s submitted levels were measured at a peak of 1.554 W/kg.

iPhone 12, released in 2020, may possibly be recalled in France due to their findings. The Agence des Fréquences (ANFR) said in a statement that they expect to, “deploy all available means to put an end to the non-compliance.” 

Because of this decision, the previously dead discussion about the dangers of cellphone use due to radiation is now rippling across Europe. Apple has disputed these claims, saying the device has been completely verified by international bodies and complies with regulations.

Although decades of scientific research has come up inconclusive, experts say that overall, cell phones emit very low levels of radiation. They also say that the way we use them now (texting,, social media, streaming, etc.) leaves little to be concerned about, as they are generally kept away from the head and body. 

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Despite concerns of the public, cell phones use radio frequency radiation, which is much different from X-rays. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that, “the weight of scientific evidence has not linked exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phone use with any health problems.”

iPhone 12 owners at Granada, on the other hand, are not at all concerned. When asked about the situation, Maryanne Sandoval (10) said, “Maybe if it was happening here I would switch, but maybe that’s just a Europe problem.”

Another student, Chloe Chouinard (10) said, “Yolo, yodo, you only die once.”

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