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New Staff Parking Spaces Excite 500 Hall Teachers

Reserved parking sign located outside of the 500 hall.

New signs marking spots for staff recently appeared by the sidewalk. During zero period jazz band, students were noting that they feared they were taking away from student parking.

An anonymous “jazzer” complained, “[The administrators] didn’t think this through, they sold a certain amount of parking passes to students and now they’re taking away some of the spots.”

When faced with concern, Vice Principal Tori Ha assured that, “[they] reallocated spots from the back by the softball field… teachers always had spots in the student lot.” 

While that settles things down from a student perspective, it also peaks curiosity as to why these spaces were moved.

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Special Education teacher Laura Brown, 500 hall “resident,” was positively affected by the relocation of the parking spaces, because not having them, “just kind of put a damper on the day,” and additionally noted that when she comes to school each day and gets a front parking spot it is, “almost as exciting as being front row at a Beyonce concert or experiencing Disneyland with no lines.”

Fellow 500 hall teacher, Erin Ostein, agreed that her day was affected because she had to park further away, but, “Many times, [she has] to carry items to [her] classroom, sometimes taking two trips”

According to an estimate made by Mrs. Brown, the walk from the softball field to her classroom is an extra 68 steps, so the new parking spaces save Mrs. Ostein over 100 steps each day she has to take multiple trips.

The general consensus of Granada seems to be that after the situation is cleared up, the students are fine with the new parking spaces, and the teachers are ecstatic.

Mrs. Brown mentioned that, “everyone who parks on this side of campus is so happy in the mornings now.”

These teachers also seemed very pleased that Mrs. Ha and Mr. Conover surprised the teachers with “a glorious treat,” and felt very recognized for the little things they have to do, like bring materials from their cars to their classrooms or vice versa.

Mrs. Brown even noted (jokingly) that getting this new parking space was ranked third out of every event in her life based on how wonderful it was, (after starting a family and becoming a teacher, of course).

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