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Grabbing Life by the Horns

    This Week In History

    Week of September 3rd, 2023

    September marks an opportunity for a new life of growth and abundance. This fall month also signifies success and achievements. 

    September 3rd, 1813

    Uncle Sam’s life starts. Uncle Sam is a national symbol of the United States of America due to his stars, stripes suit, and heavy background behind his famous portrait. His finger points at the audience to urge young men to enlist in the army due to the War of 1812. Samuel Wilson, a New York meat packer, supplied beef barrels to the United States Army during the War of 1812. Wilson branded the barrels with “U.S.” which stood for the United States, but soldiers began referring to “U.S.” as Uncle Sam. This is where Uncle Sam’s name originated from. 

    September 4th, 1886

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    The Apache Chief Geronimo surrendered the last U.S. – Indian war. The Apaches were worn out and outnumbered. Geronimo was born in 1829 and grew up in present-day Arizona and Mexico. Geronimo kept on trying even after he and his followers were forced back onto east central Arizona multiple times. Eventually, after a while, General Nelson Miles, the last commanding officer of the United States Army, forced him to surrender. During the same month, Geronimo surrendered on the Arizona-Mexico border near Fort Bowie. He soon started a new life as a successful Christian farmer in Oklahoma. 

    September 5th, 1698

    Russian Czar Peter the Great, an emperor of Russia, imposes a tax on beards. If someone refused to pay this tax then the Tzar would make authorities shave off their [the tax refusers] beards in public. Peter’s goal was to make money off their taxes. A Russian beard token was also carried around to let authorities know that they paid their taxes so that they had a form of proof that their taxes were completed. Although Peter the Great died in 1725, his tax was removed by Catherine the Great 47 years later in 1772.

    September 6th, 1997

    Princess Diana’s funeral is held in Westminster Abbey in London. She was born on July 1st, 1961, and passed away from a car accident on August 31, 1997. Princess Diana was well-liked by everyone because of her compassionate personality and that she advocated for many things including, mental health, AIDS, cancer, and homelessness. She also involved herself in many life-changing charities. All of this gave her the title “People’s Princess.” One of her greatest achievements was working to end the use of landmines around the world. 

    September 8th, 1900

    A storm with winds up to 120 mph crashed into Galveston, Texas at around 8 p.m. CST. This storm did $20M in damage while destroying 3,600 buildings. This natural disaster unfortunately took about 8,000 lives. This hurricane and tidal waves gave the catastrophe its name, the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. This hit the island abruptly and surprisingly. Although some were warned about these circumstances, the warnings were not taken seriously and were ignored. After the disaster, it was estimated that the recovery time would take 12 years and 1.5 million dollars.

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    Ashlin Liao
    Ashlin Liao, Reporter
    Ashlin Liao is a freshman at Granada. This is her first year as a contributor for the Pomegranate. She enjoys writing sports articles that focus on our athletes here at Granada. During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Ashlin plays golf and tennis. She also does track during spring. Ashlin is also a part of the Interact Club and she enjoys traveling with her family.

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