How the Weather is Affecting Commuting Students


Moss Ballin, Reporter

The rainy weather has been a major inconvenience to everyone, with flooding and damage being ever present in the daily lives of Livermorians. While the change in weather is welcome in some ways, it’s undeniable that it has affected the lives of many Granada students.

The rain has caused not only flooding, but major road closures. Roads all over Alameda county have been obstructed and closed in the past two weeks, which definitely affects students that might need to commute from that.

When asked about how her commute has been affected by the rain, freshman Amerie Allen said, “It usually only takes me 10 or 15 minutes to get to school, but the weather has added another five to ten minutes to that.”

While an extra five to ten minutes may not seem like a lot on paper, in reality it’s a lot more time than it seems. That time can be the difference between coming in on time, and coming in late, which is a reality for many students.

“I’ve noticed that the rain causes a lot of traffic, especially when you turn onto the street where the school is. The traffic is mainly caused by other students trying to get to school, so they are all late,” said Allen.

With the amount of students coming in late, one can’t help but wonder if it has a significant effect on academic performance.

Students who arrive later usually have lower GPAs, and lower test scores. In some cases, it even affects graduation. This is because students are most attentive in the morning, and get some of their best work done in the first few periods of the day. This is something that students should keep in mind, and maybe try to leave earlier.

Another thing to remember if you are driving to school is to drive safely. While you want to get to school on time, you shouldn’t drive recklessly in order to do so. Accidents happen all the time in the rain, so instead of driving faster, try leaving earlier.

Despite the danger that the weather that students must face, the most important thing is to be careful, and focus on school.