2022 World Cup Recap to the Quarterfinals


World Cup Trophy

Ella Philippe, Reporter

The Fifa World Cup has been going on since the 1930’s and every four years 32 teams get together and play to win the big title. This year in 2022 these 32 teams have qualified to play in the world cup.

Group A                                                                                    Group B

Netherlands                                                                            England
Senegal                                                                                    USA
Ecuador                                                                                   Whales
Qatar                                                                                        Iran

Group C                                                                                 Group D

Argentina                                                                              France
Poland                                                                                   Australia
Mexico                                                                                   Tunisia
Saudi Arabia                                                                         Denmark

Group E                                                                                Group F

Spain                                                                                     Morocco
Japan                                                                                     Croatia
Costa Rica                                                                             Belgium
Germany                                                                               Canada

Group G                                                                               Group H

Brazil                                                                                    Portugal
Switzerland                                                                         Ghana
Cameroon                                                                            South Korea
Serbia                                                                                   Uruguay


All these teams have been playing game after game and this will continue for 29 days, but only the top two teams from each group make it to the round of 16.

The 16 teams who made it were: Netherlands vs. USA, Argentina vs. Australia, Japan vs. Croatia, Brazil vs. South Korea, France vs. Poland, England vs. Senegal, Morocco vs. Spain, and Portugal vs. Switzerland.

These are the teams that won the round of 16 and are moving on to the quarterfinals: Netherlands, Argentina, Croatia, Brazil, France, England, Morocco, and Portugal.

The match against Portugal which took place on Tuesday was the last game of the knockout which Portugal beat Switzerland 6-1. The USA lost and is not moving on in the world cup unfortunately. The odds are set on Brazil, Spain and France to win the whole thing. France are the defending champions are are looking good so far in the games.

The USA was not a heavy favorite to win but they tried their best with Tyler Adams and Christian Pulisic. Adams, who is the captain of the USMNT, is one of the youngest to ever wear the captain band since 1950’s Walter Bahr. Pulisic, who is heavily liked and has the nickname Captain America, scored in the game against Iran and was injured but still played in the game against the Netherlands, which the US lost. Hopefully next World Cup the USMNT can make it further in the game.

This year it has been said that this is Lionel Messi’s last World Cup. Between Argentina’s Messi and Portugal’s Ronaldo there has been an argument between many fans on who is the better player. Messi has already announced this is his last World Cup and Ronaldo has yet to make a comment on whether this is his last or not. Messi leaves behind a great legacy and will be known as a great soccer player, some may argue the best of all time.

The quarterfinals start Friday, December 9. The matchups will be Croatia vs. Brazil, Netherlands vs. Argentina, England vs. France, and Morocco vs. Portugal.

This World Cup will be one for the books due to its unusual location and how many great players are playing in the cup. The next World Cup will not be for another four more years in 2026, where it will be hosted by North America (USA, Mexico, and Canada).  Hopefully the US team will be at the top of their game as they host the next cup.