Cavetown’s “worm food” Is Finally Here

Cavetowns worm food Is Finally Here

Tyler Hayley, Reporter and Editor

Pomegranate Seeds: 8/10

This past week, Cavetown released his album “worm food.” As a listener of Cavetown, I was excited to see what this album would be like; so, here are all my thoughts on “worm food.”

The lead-off track, “worm food,” was a great start to the album with it feeling like Cavetown while also setting expectations for the rest of the album. The lyrics were well-written and felt relatable, an attribute that a lot of songs don’t have these days. The instrumentation was on point and the entire feel of the song was great. The chorus was fun and the entire song felt like energetic lo-fi. “worm food” was a bit too long, which would come to be a problem with the entire album.

“kill u” was next and would continue the same vibes as the first track. The instrumentation and production were perfect and are noticeably very good. “kill u” is mellow and relaxed and is an enjoyable song that had an excellent ending. Track three was “frog” which is one of my favorite songs from the album. The intro, lyrics, instrumentation, and chorus were all great and the entire song was very well produced, it screamed Cavetown. The entire vibe of the song wasn’t serious and the lyrics were really fun, making this one of the album’s hits. “frog” was giving off big frog vibes.

Track four, “a king thing to do” featuring Vic Fuentes, was a good change from the first three songs and contained more rock vibes. It was more energetic, which I loved, as Cavetown does fun music better than he does sad music. He also sounded great on this track and went along great with the instrumentation, which, as always, was on point. Vic Fuentes, of Pierce the Veil, was also a great collaborator for this song and his parts only added to the quality of this track. The song was just a bit too long and I wish it had even more rock elements.

“1994” was next and was not as good as the first four songs. The lyrics were fine and the guitar was good, but a lot of the guitar solos sounded like something from Disney channel and the song should have ended a minute early. Track six, “better,” was also a little disappointing as the song was boring and overall very one-note. The lyrics and instrumentation, though, were very pretty which is a redeeming quality found throughout the entire album.

Next was “wasabi” which thankfully brought back the energy and was a really fun song. It was similar to “frog” and the lyrics were great, the instrumentation was good, and the entire song was giving Bjork vibes. The song was repetitive after a little bit and could be shorter. Tracks eight and nine were “fall in love with a girl” featuring Beabadoobee and “grey space” featuring Chloe Moriondo, which were both great collabs to include on this album. Both were some of the best songs on the album and included great instrumentation, great production, and great collaborators. Cavetown is good at collaborations, and that is apparent with these two tracks.

The last four tracks would not be a great ending for this album, with all of them being the most boring songs on the album. “heart attack” was decent and had good instrumentation, but was also fairly average and similar to other Cavetown songs. “i swear to god” was a good acoustic song, but by this point in the album most of the songs were heavily acoustic, and I needed this one to be more energetic. It was also far too long and repetitive and would have been much better as an interlude. “juno” and “laundry day” weren’t a great end to this album as both felt monotone and average and were very alike.

Despite a few problems, “worm food” is a pretty good album that’s mellow, fun, and a good addition to Cavetown’s discography. I enjoyed a lot of the songs on this album, which all had good lyrics, instrumentation, and overall production, giving this album 8 pomegranate seeds. I would recommend this album to any Cavetown or pop fans.