Pomegranate’s In and Out – Week 6


Sarah Araya, Moss Ballin, and Tyler Hayley

It’s a new week which means it’s the time of the week for another In and Out! Read this article for a comprehensive list of everything you need to do to be in, and everything you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to be out.

  • IN: Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are stylish, and fun, and can be styled in so many different ways. Plus, you can look like Kim Possible, which is a total style goal. They’re easy to wear with just a t-shirt or you can dress up in them, so choose cargo pants.

  • OUT: Already listening to Christmas music

This morning, I tuned into 105, expecting to hear Billy Joel radio. Instead, I heard an awful Dolly Parton cover of “Have A Holly Jolly Christmas.” With all respect to Dolly, it was not her best work. It is too early to kick Billy Joel radio off of 105, it deserves that spot more than Hallmark.

  • IN: Fast Reply

When we all have a conversation with anyone we don’t want to be waiting for 2 hours for you to just text back ¨k¨. So when we have a conversation going with anyone, reply quickly and keep the conversation going. So reply quickly, a good range is right when you get it within two to three minutes. 

  • OUT: Dating Boys 

Boys, oh boys. They just don’t get why we girls want so much. They don’t get the expectations that we have and expect them to follow. We have rules that we want them to follow so we know they respect us. They also don’t understand when you don’t say “hi” after not talking for two weeks, and it hurts. When they wear Axe body spray it is a horrible decision. When you’re talking to them they also don’t understand that we still have these expectations.  So boys are out. 

  • IN: Girls

They are just so fun, positive, and usually uplifting. Having friends who are girls just makes your life better since they tend to have an infinite well of wisdom about an infinite amount of topics. If you ever need advice, you can always count on your girl best friend to either encourage you if you are right, or set you straight if you are wrong.

  • OUT: Braces

No one enjoys having braces, no one likes seeing them either. If they were more stylish, maybe they would be IN, but they just look tacky. It’s a 19th-century trend that just doesn’t hold up today. 

  • IN: Butter and Toast

A classic breakfast food that pretty much anyone can enjoy, no matter what bread or butter you use. Not to mention, a good snack on a weekend afternoon if you have nothing else, and overall just a solid pick-me-up. 

  • OUT: Axe Body Spray

Yes, it’s not a hidden truth that we love when guys smell good, but Axe body spray is something different. They either use too much or not enough. They use the whole can or like half a spray. And when they use too much they come out smelling like a Bath and Body Works men’s section exploded. So, please don’t use Axe trying to impress a girl, just stick to cologne. 

  • IN: Prince

Prince has a large, diverse, and timeless discography, with a little bit of something for everyone. Prince gave us such hits as “Purple Rain,” “Darling Nikki,” and “I Would Die 4 U.” How can we not love him? Listen to Prince and be in.

  • OUT: Military Propaganda

Nothing is worse than watching a movie or TV show and it hits you: it’s all just propaganda. We don’t need hollywood and the government trying to subliminally convince us the military is good. We’ll know if they show us they’re good. So don’t support military propaganda, because it’s totally out.