Athlete of the Week: Izzy Garrido-Ramirez Ramsey


Bob Bronzan

#18 going up for a block against Benecia

Tati Strickland, Reporter

This athlete of the week spends her time in the pool, she is a sophomore and is on Granada’s varsity water polo team. Izzy Garrido-Ramirez Ramsey has been playing water polo for two and a half years and will continue to play this sport until she graduates.

Garrido-Ramirez Ramsey has watched both her sister-in-law and sister play this grueling sport and thought she would give it a try. “My sister and sister-in-law played in high school and I wanted to see what it was like, I ended up really loving the sport.”

With games and practices almost every day of the week, being able to juggle everything going on is very important. “Life is very hectic; I go from school, to practice, to homework, then sleep.”

Each game gives an athlete time to get better and by the end of the season every player has gained new skills. “I’ve really improved on my shooting and my speed over the last two seasons.”

Every player in the pool has to play both offense and defense because of the fact paced turnovers. “I love playing defense because I love the aggression that comes with water polo. I also am just a better defensive player than an offense player.”

In order to play well, it is very important to keep your body healthy and well rested. “I make sure to eat a bigger lunch and try to keep my energy up.”

Injuries are constant in such a physical and tough sport. Dealing with an injury can be very overwhelming and can stop you from playing a sport you love. “I have faced struggles such as my shoulder. I hurt it last season and my shoulder has always been messed up.”

Garrido-Ramirez Ramsey has been a crucial member of the team because of her positive attitude. “My dedication to the team helps make me a good player and never giving up even if we are losing by a lot, and to keep on going even if you’re tired.”

Izzy’s older brother Izaiah was an incredible athlete during his time at Granada and his younger sister is following his footsteps. “My biggest inspiration of all time has to be my brother, Izaiah Garrido-Ramirez. He has always been the person I look up to because he has never given up and he strived so much in high school and is continuing to strive in college playing rugby for Saint Mary’s. He always tells me how well I’m doing in school and is always there for me.”

This season the water polo team has vastly improved with a record of 8-14, and was able to beat our hometown rivals Livermore high in double overtime. This season the team beat American high 10-5 and beat Irvington 8-7.

Granada’s water polo team has a team tik tok and posts hilarious videos. The energy in these videos is infectious and everyone is always having a good time together. “They have definitely made me happier and better at water polo. They always manage to make me laugh during practice and they have always given me feedback during games on what to improve on.” Garrido-Ramirez Ramsey said about the impact her teammates have been for her.

With the 2022 season officially over everyone had a great and fun season. “Going to Sacramento for the Sierra Shootout tournament was the most memorable moment. I got to know my teammates a lot better and it was really fun being able to just go places with my team for the weekend.”