Possible Cancer Vaccine?


Advika Choudhary, Reporter

The people from BioNTech who created the successful Pfizer vaccine for COVID 19 say that a vaccine to treat cancer could be available by 2030.

Scientists Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci, the founders of the German vaccine firm, partnered with Pfizer during the Covid-19 outbreak to create the messenger RNA (mRNA for short) Covid vaccine. They were already exploring cancer immunotherapies and potential vaccines before the pandemic. Although, during the pandemic the pair had to put their cancer-related work on hold and turn to developing Covid vaccines.

Throughout that process, the medical team learned how to produce mRNA vaccines and they got an understanding of how people’s immune systems react to mRNA. The duo claim that their success with the Covid vaccine has helped them with the development of finding a possible cure for cancer in the future.

“What we have developed over decades for cancer vaccine development has been the tailwind for developing the Covid-19 vaccine, and now the Covid-19 vaccine and our experience in developing it gives back to our cancer work,” Prof. Türeci, BioNTech’s chief medical officer, told the BBC’s “Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg.”

mRNA technology helped develop the Covid vaccine as Türeci said, and it could possibly be the answer to crack down on cancer. Regardless of the positive progress, scientists are still cautious in announcing a cure for cancer just yet.