The Pomegranate’s In and Out- Week 3

Sarah Araya, Moss Ballin, and Tyler Hayley

The Pomegranate’s In and Out- Week 3

  • In: Pochacco

Ever needed a swaggy and gangster friend? Well, get yourself a Pochacco. He is swaggy and gangster while still showing his true self. He likes 3-on-3 basketball, skateboarding, soccer, and banana ice cream. Pochacco displays that you can lead a fun, active lifestyle while also enjoying a treat sometimes.

  • Out: bobble-heads

Though a common item in offices across the nation, bobbleheads have run their course. No one enjoys annoying, rattling desks or shelf ornaments anymore. In this loud world, we don’t need any unnecessary noise to distract us from what’s really important.

  • In:  big headphones 

Headphones are in. Earphones or AirPods are tiny, yes, but if you leave them in too long your ears start to hurt. Headphones are comfy and versatile. They go with everything and can go everywhere. The only bad thing is they can be bulky to carry, but who cares. It’s all down to being comfy. 

  • Out: fake bio-pics

When you look at someone’s bio you want the real them. Obviously, when a fake pic is in their bio you’re not getting the true picture. So as much as we might want to see some nice abs or pretty skin. Being the true you is a lot better than a fake you or body tuned you. So fake bio-pics are just not in. 

  • In: career-planning

What is more fun than planning your life out through Pinterest boards? Planning your life out for real! Carefully weighing and considering serious career options can positively impact your life, and set you on course for success.

  • Out: Stereotypical fall drinks

We get it, you like fall and Halloween, but there’s a better way to show it than buying another stereotypical fall drink. You can be really creative when making coffee, or at the very least make it good, so choose something else and not another pumpkin spice latte.

  • In: multi-color pens

In this fast-paced world, multi-color pens are a way to be more efficient with our school and office supplies. Between my five classes, I already need a black, red, and green pen; what’s handier than having them all in one pen?

  • Out: fast fashion

While we can’t blame anyone for buying fast fashion, sometimes it’s the only option, fast fashion and the companies guilty of it are definitely out. Fast fashion entails hiring workers overseas for dirt-poor wages and violating human rights (which these companies get away with because it’s in a different country). Companies such as H&M, Forever 21, and Shein are all huge fashion conglomerates that are guilty of this. It might be Shein, but they’re She-out.