Student Poll: What Music Do Granada Students Listen To?


Nuha Maflahi, Reporter

     Granada is a diverse school with students from different backgrounds, interests, and skills. This means that the students of Granada have many different tastes in music. I polled various different students to see which musical genres were most popular. Here’s what I found.

” I just listen to a mix of music.”- Savannah Bennett (10)

“I listen to pop music because I like that it’s upbeat.”- Advika Choudhary (10)

“I like indie and alternative music. The lyrics are really conceptual so I like breaking down and analyzing them.” -Maleah Okamoto (10)

Granada’s most popular musical genres are pop, indie, rock, and hip-hop. When it comes to musical artists, there aren’t any specific artists that are the most popular. Granada students listen to many different musical artists. One thing that’s certain is that if there’s a music genre, there’s a group of students at Granada that listen to it, so everyone can find someone to connect to with music.